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Trump Picks 'Unhinged Advocate for World War III' John Bolton as National Security Adviser


Trump Picks 'Unhinged Advocate for World War III' John Bolton as National Security Adviser

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Providing the clearest indication yet that he is rapidly "putting together a war cabinet," President Donald Trump announced in a tweet Thursday night that John Bolton—described by one commentator the "most reckless and consistently wrongheaded extremist in American public life"—will replace H.R. McMaster as his national security adviser early next month.



We need a million+ people in the streets of D.C. and IMMEDIATELY! Without a reaction to “their” gawdawful actions, it will only get worse and CONTINUE to get worse! “WE” have the numbers!!! Where is a leader?! Preferably someone with the guts to realize that the endgame is near if we continue to do a “rope-a-dope” until we’re knocked out; our PLANET is knocked out!!!




Russia has issued a very explicit warning. A Spokesperson indicated that their intelligence is aware of a plan that is ongoing in Syria for the US Military to provide training and Chemical weapons to a group inside the territory which the US Controls to be used as part of a false flag operation.

The Russian Military has indicated how those weapons were delivered. They indicated that they WOULD respond t o an attack of Dasmascus.

Mr Bolton has been an advocate of taking out Assad , Iran after that , and then to a war on Russia.

This is more then a little dangerous.


Now “HR McMaster has resigned as Donald Trump’s national security adviser and will be replaced by (the odious NeoCon nut case) John Bolton” a rotten NeoCon POS cheerleader for many US acts of war, and war crimes! His appointment to the trump regime brings the doomsday clock even closer to midnight!

“Trump announced on Twitter that former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton would replace H.R. McMaster as his chief in-house adviser on national security issues. but Bolton’s nomination shocked Washington. A vocal advocate of the Iraq war, he has also advocated preemptive strikes against North Korea and war with Iran.”

A pro-Israel at-any-cost neocon lackey that lied about Iraqi WMD’s, perfect for the now completely mental trump regime. Bolton is in the same league as the odious John Yoo, the torturer.

A cornered rodent like trump will do anything to divert attention from his various legal problems - a nuclear war would divert some attention but clearly focus on the orange fuhrer’s pathological mental illness……too late.


Al Gore !

BUT - Al is not interested - calls himself a recovering politician.

I think that’s cover for the real reason - he knows how dangerous it would be for himself and his family should he, like JFK, confront the MIC.


Yes, the silence is deafening. Fascist Fockker what can I say my friend that we haven’t already said a hundred times. I always was a rebel to the system, but in my youth I never ever imagined on my worst day that things could get so bad…and have the potential to get so much worse.

There is only one thing that stops a fascist and America isn’t up to the deed. This war was lost before it was even begun. Hell, most the sheep don’t even know there was a war…or that they have lost it.

I am going to smoke a bowl, pet my dog and think of the world that could have been if humans were not so twisted. I suggest you do the same.


Yes I saw that too. Worse, I believe it more likely then not.

Yes it would appear we are formalizing the final cast of those who will set the world ablaze. Not since Nazi Germany has such a rogues gallery of psychopaths wielded such power.


Chavez’s words ring even more true today:

1000 miles away from the White House and Mr. Bolton, the smell of sulfur is still overpowering.


Not since Nazi Germany has the world seen such a rogues gallery of psychopaths. The starting line up for world war 3 seems just about complete…


Why is it that these fucking $ociopathic a$$hole$ keep coming back from the dead and a$$ume roles of power. The only answer is that the U$A is completely bat$hit insane. No other answer suffices. Remember to love your friends and family because if Bolton has his way, World War III is on the way sooner than later and it will likely be nuclear. God damn the U$A and all its citizens that kept on voting for both the Democrats and Republicans. Nothing like a bunch of cowered/coward citizens to enable their own demise. You’ve all reaped what you sowed by voting for these D/R corporate oligarch puppets year after year…


Since I can’tdo anything about it I’m going to look at tha positive side. One shot of Mr. Clean under the toilet gets all the cockroaches with one blow.


It’s called affluent apathy.


Can’t argue at all.


Thank you. Succinct and to the point. Give your dog a few pets for me. I will smoke a few bowls and enjoy a brew myself. Thanks again.
And if the physicists are correct there are actual parallel worlds out there where the world you imagine that could have been, actually exist.


Yet another example of the ‘elected’ Trump calling the candidate Trump a liar. The eye opener when he called out Jeb Bush in the primaries by saying Jeb’s brother made the biggest mistake in the history of US foreign policy with the invasion of Iraq. Let him look into Bolton’s face and say the same thing. Trump has such an addiction to lying and hypocrisy that a pathology should be named after him.


It’s the Republican Congress that allows this destroyer to remain in office and a threat to us all that has me up in arms.


Yes! We need to quickly organize and get people in the streets. Having said that, it’s easier said than done.


I fear the “atomic clock” should now be moved a full minute closer to midnight. SHAME on you, Donald!


I fear you are correct. I would advise you to start digging a bomb shelter in your backyard, but it won’t do any good. If WW3 does happen under this “Knuckle Dragger-in-Chief”…then it’s best to go quickly. Humanity= a FAILED experiment.


I remember John Bolton from the 80s w the iran contra scandal