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Trump Pitched Putin White House Visit During Most Recent Phone Call

Trump Pitched Putin White House Visit During Most Recent Phone Call

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though it occured before last month's "tit-for-tat" announcements that Russian diplomats would be expelled from U.S. and vice versa, both the Kremlin and the Trump administration on Monday confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump discussed the possibility of an in-person meeting, with Trump reportedly putting forward the idea of a White House summit.

Well it’s not like there’s anyone else left in the orangubrat enclosure that dolt 45 can cuddle with :sunglasses::rofl:

Fascinating to watch the snide pokey-pokey sort of comment this draws.

There’s probably nothing to the claim: it’s not like Trump is a diplomat, not like his recent policies have not of late taken on the same cast of war and destabilization across Eurasia and Africa that characterized other American regimes, not like he has declined to take his turn bull-baiting Russia and China and Korea and Iran and so forth.

Yet of all the things for which one might criticize Donald Trump, there is criticism of rumors of diplomacy.

The Russian issue is real, albeit, a deflection from the real issue in our election system. Why? I don’t know. I do know, however, that our Democracy is at stake. We have several election flaws, starting with the superdelegate scheme and our electoral college stupidity, where several spoilers controlled the agenda. The winner got 10.6 million less popular votes than the others and we are being governed by a minority of angry white supremacists like Stephen Miller. We are a global joke. Our media is especially guilty of being complicit in this strategy. Which media? All of it. There are no innocent ones.