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Trump Plan for Pre-Election ICE Raids Condemned as Xenophobic and Cruel 'Publicity Stunt'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/30/trump-plan-pre-election-ice-raids-condemned-xenophobic-and-cruel-publicity-stunt

“chauvinism”? Not about the USA but about DJT… sick, sick ‘man’!


No surprise here, seeing how pushing voters’ fear buttons has been a serially successful for the GOP for at least the past half century,


This odious peckerwood is as malignant and destructive in his mental illness as can be, even within the corrupt political world of big-money interest domination we have tolerated and fed for decades!

Always as the bully targeting the most vulnerable. Always pushing profits above all else in his Mammon worship dominated haze of narcissist ego madness - a petulant 5 year-old spoiled brat in a man’s body.
Vote him and his GOP co-conspirators OUT - then take-on the next series of problems!


America now needs to prove to the world they do not condone these actions. A Biden landslide would prove a point to the whole world especially Republicans.


I sure hope a landslide will do it but him using the force of US institutions to intimidade, using white supremacists and nationals to do the same at voting places, on the streets and bringing in ICE and probably his good friend Eric Prince military for US gov’t that costs of tax payers much more than soldiers.

This is as horrendous but then we’ve seen the US doing this in country after countries who won’t bow to US wishes and multinational demands; Think now of Boliva, Venezuela, Iran back in day Chile,and then eastern europe per Milton Friedman and probably other countries in South America.

I wish the article had explained how sanctuary cities actually protect people, something I’ve never understood. It gives the impression that there is NOTHING these cities can do against these ICE raids. If that’s not true, then tell us please!! And apologize for poor reporting. If it is true, my heart is broken. Again.