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Trump Plan to Open National Forests to Oil and Gas Drilling Rebuked as Attack on Biodiversity and Indigenous Lands

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/01/trump-plan-open-national-forests-oil-and-gas-drilling-rebuked-attack-biodiversity

Republicans have long supported the elimination of competition. A bunch of monopoly wannabe’s.

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War on the Planet! Truth, as usual, is the first casualty.

“The proposal was revealed six weeks after the trump-finalizes-rule-weakening-bedrock)weakening the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), rolling back 50-year-old regulations that require government agencies to conduct a thorough review of environmental impacts before approving infrastructure projects.”

Will we here on this our home, Planet Earth, finally only realize we have killed Our Mother when She can take no more and we begin to die of starvation and/or natural disasters? And of course it will be the poor, underprivileged who will die first. We need healthy forests. We need healthy seas. We need healthy air! We need our wildlife, fish and creatures of the seas! What are we? Crazy?

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This nonsense is why we have to vote. He is so destructive. Why he hates America, I don’t know but we need to rid ourselves of him and everyone surrounding him.

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My understanding of the original meaning of ‘Deep State’ is that it has to do with the fossil fuel industry’s insidious yet very effective lobbyist manipulation of governments big and small. Therefore, considering the Trump administration’s increased kowtowing to Big Fossil Fuel, the president seems quite content with wallowing in ‘the swamp’, let alone genuinely wishing to drain it.

If the founding slave owners, tax evaders, and rent seekers had stuck with King George III, the U.S. might today have had a system government (with or without George’s descendants taking part) whereby the ‘Secretary of Agriculture’ would be an elected member of the Congress directly responsible to the Congress (in effect to what would be currently a Democrat Government formed in the House of Representatives).

Something anyone ever though about?

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