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Trump Plans to Make It Easier to Kill Civilians with Drones. Sadly, We Can Thank Obama for That


Trump Plans to Make It Easier to Kill Civilians with Drones. Sadly, We Can Thank Obama for That.

Maha Hilal

As the war on terror enters its 17th year, it's clear that abuses of power by one administration lead to abuses by the next.


" It’s clear that abuses of power by one administration lead to abuses by the next."

When Obama failed to have Bush indicted for his egregious and heinous war crimes called “SHOCK AND AWE” which were really a shocking and awful lie that murdered so many Americans and Iraqi’s, he showed his true fascist, colors by saying: " we need to look forward" and because we know that whoever is president will never look backward that means all future war criminals will never be indicted for war crimes, no matter how egregious. And my point is this: no matter what Trump does, even starting a nuclear war, Trump knows he will never be indicted as a war criminal…even if he massacres millions of innocent people!


Hope: Nope.
Change: Nope.


And the usual apologists for the Democratic Party will merely say that Trump is worse, missing the point of this article.


When discussing this in a political context it should be noted that Bernie Sanders supports drone strikes. Actually, it is hard to think of a prominent politician who doesn’t. The rationale seems to be that there is no good alternative to taking out jihadist leaders with these drone strikes. Yet, we know that civilian deaths from these strikes helps the jihadists recruit.


Thank you Nobel Peace Price Laureate Barack Obama for normalizing mass murder, oppression, militarism and unbridled profit-taking, all while doing it with class and panache. The peoples of the world and the biosphere are so much better off because you could operate with silky smoothness and style unlike the Tweeting Idiot of Orange who seems to have drawn the hatred and attention of the world for committing crimes that still pale next to yours. LONG LIVE BIG BROTHER!!!


Over the last few hours, I’ve hesitated to state my view,
heretofore on past posts as a loyal progressivist here,
stated fairly clearly in the past as supportive,
to drone armament as ‘least’ destructive, less than
bombardment/missile/rocket/mortar/machine gun caliber murder.
Forgive my forebearance leanings toward forgiveness and follow that.


I really buy none of this. Drone strikes,while far from perfect, are a much better way to surgoically strike at the leadership of terrorist movements than indiscriminate carpet bombing as in Vietnam, Korea and WWII. . Rather than condemn drone strikes, I commend Obama for setting a precedent of restrained military options aimed at not setting off a major war. Unfotunately Trump is so irresponsible and morally bankrupt that he is prepared to take the loss of civilian life to unprecedented levels in US history (i.e, “destroying North Koraa” which will surely mean S.Korea and Japan will suffer enormously as well.)


You can find a few like Barbara Lee of CA, but she is an extreme exception that proves the rule of “American” exceptionalism and racist, patriarchal, capitalist global hegemony. Aint it Grand!


" The abuse of power under one administration leads to the abuse of power under another. "

Sadly, it was nearly impossible to get this point across to Obama’s knee jerk supporters on even the most obvious of issues.


If a drone strike had killed your children/parents/extended family/neighbors, etc. because you were an “enemy combatant” would you feel the same? Would your surviving children/parents/neighbors etc. look kindly on the exceptionalist nation or would they answer the question: “Why do they hate us so?”

It’s impossible to figure out if your comment is the result of idiocy/ignorance or just plain old hatred. But it amounts to the same cliche of every imperial war: “Kill them all and let god sort them out!” Have a nice day as you ignore a truly profound level of illogic and moral depravity. Hopefully your bar serves cheap drinks. They are far from perfect, but do the job nevertheless.