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Trump, Plato, and the Wizard of Oz

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/12/trump-plato-and-wizard-oz

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Fortunately, Frank Morgan’s Wizard of OZ humbly confessed to his fraud and presented his visitors with
important (wizardly) awards. It will be a bitterly cold day in OzAmerica when President Trump confesses to his fraudlence.


Very powerful piece on the mega-fraud trump, bringing up “Platos Cave” was awesome, and quite relevant concerning the asswipe in chief, who is obvious to all, except his own self, a loser. The trump thing is a sinister, corrupt monster of the first degree; an orange prison jumpsuit, or, a hemp rope noose around his sweaty neck would look totally appropriate on him (and his enablers)!

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Yes, well said. Thank you!