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Trump Played to Anger, But We Don’t Have to Fall for Divide and Conquer


Trump Played to Anger, But We Don’t Have to Fall for Divide and Conquer

David Korten

The heroic work of the Standing Rock water protectors represents a defining moment in the long struggle against the institutions of empire and colonial rule. It is fitting that the leaders are indigenous peoples who have come together in an ever-widening circle.


And even though this was obvious, people voted for hate. (electoral, not popular win)


I am so scared I have a hard time engaging and the news is so full of........and don't know what to believe. Is it the Russians? I'm not sure it is not the DNC deflections? I believe in what you write though. We have to come together and I have to dismiss how I feel about the DNC? and how they threw the election to Trump by anointing a flawed candidate who had been crucified rightfully or wrongly for 25 years. Her husband's policies helped bring us to this point and her speaking engagements weren't false.


Sorry I have a hard time letting go.


This is a nice description of Standing Rock, and Korten's call to unity bears some authenticity coming from someone who self-identifies as conservative.

I would like to know who is we here and what we intends.


Some people voted against hate (from their perspective), ie working class people without decent jobs who don't believe the Democratic party has done anything for them, evangelical Christians who sincerely believe there is a war on against their beliefs, people who believe affirmative action is racism, etc. I don't agree with their choice, but then I didn't like the other choice much better.


With all due respect, you're about 20 years too late.What matters the most to people at the proverbial end of the day is whether they have the means to keep their families together, housed and fed. Many don't.

This is pretty basic. In real life, not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there aren't jobs available for all. The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s. While liberals spent yet another decade Standing in Solidarity with the more fortunate alone, current workers, the overall life expectancy of the US poor maintained its downhill slide.

For the past 20 years, our liberal media have declared their faith in our deregulated corporate state. They imply that everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. They are wrong.

As our attention began turning to the election, the Clinton wing in Congress kicked off 2015 with virtually ending food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled (cut from $115 per month, down to $10).


Roughly half of eligible voters voted. That's not because of laziness or indifference, but because a good chunk of the country realized that whether Trump or Clinton won, masses of us will lose. Much of the country had no choice but to vote third party or withhold their votes.

If it's any consolation: At least some were aware of current Russian/US tensions over Syria, as well as Clinton's position on this issue. (Clinton has a long record of support for military aggression.) They know that the longest, most expensive war in this country's history has already left the US drained out militarily and economically. We would lose a war with Russia.


I voted third party, but it was an easy choice to make in California, where it was almost inconceivable that the vote would go to anybody but Clinton.


It doesn't mean that we have to continue that way. Just because someone did something yesterday does not mean that one has to do it today and from now on.


A lot of people do not vote ( not just this time) because they feel that it does not apply to them! In other words good old individual rights. Also, you are talking about national politics- but what happens locally( like who gets elected to the local school board or who is going to be mayor actually affects people where they live. Sometimes voter turn out is higher in local elections.


It's over- perhaps you can support Keith Elison for DNC chair. Remember- you can't fool or please all of the people all of the time.


Jujudahl, I've been rereading Howard Zinn's updated version of the People's History of the United States. History helps me put insanity and it's polar opposite, courageous and caring acts in context. And Zinn tells it unlike what we have been led to believe not omitting nuance.

Check it out if you haven't already. If nothing else, it puts the current chapter of two steps back in perspective.


Liberal media?

I would call it a bought and paid for biased media.


These evangeleicals are not being forced into another way of life. We are not a theocracy- at least not yet.


Of course.


I agree, but I am not an evangelical.


A beautiful vision--one that many of us have had for years. We need some guidance as to how to bring this about. I'm doing the best I can in my own little way, but would love for Bernie or another firebrand that cares to rabble rouse around the country and start a real third party.

For now, I'm still getting local Berners elected to local and county positions and working to reform the state party. If enough states do this, we can reform the national party. That's the hope, anyway.


Well-good. Thank you for your post.


That's great- someone taking some action. Are you on a committee?