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Trump Pledged to End ‘Endless Wars.’ His Executive Order Suggests Just the Opposite


Trump Pledged to End ‘Endless Wars.’ His Executive Order Suggests Just the Opposite

Hina Shamsi

In an executive order last week, President Trump ended a requirement for the government to tell the public its official count of civilians killed by U.S. military and CIA lethal strikes in countries where we are not at war. The effect is that our government will continue killing people abroad with less oversight and no accountability.

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America needs to go back to testing it’s lethality in the New Mexico desert, not on brown and olive skinned peoples.



To those

Proponents argue that these airstrikes reduce risk to U.S. forces and keep the United States from being drawn into actual or worsening wars.

Total B.S. The U.S. doesn’t get drawn into these illegal wars. Far from it. It seeks and even manufactures wars, as needed, to keep feeding the gluttonous war machine for the sake of profit, career advancement and world domination. That “they made us do it” excuse is disgusting and insulting.



Exactly. Check this out with regards to the North Korean Embassy in Spain. From Moon of Alabama:





Nice to see. At the very least, this way they will get an education.




I wish pressure worked, but many millions of people worldwide marched and protested in 2002-2003 against the Bush-Cheney illegal war on Iraq, yet they waged it anyway, with a large majority in Congress and in the Imperial Corporate Media supporting it.

Calling and writing our members of Congress should be done, of course, but, as long as members of Congress are addicted to $$$ from the War-Profiteering Merchants of Death, I doubt moral principle will prevail over greed.