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Trump Poised to Impose 'Domestic Gag Rule' to Keep Women From Obtaining Abortion Care and Counseling


Trump Poised to Impose 'Domestic Gag Rule' to Keep Women From Obtaining Abortion Care and Counseling

Julia Conley, staff writer

Bringing the anti-choice "global gag rule" stateside, the Trump administration is expected to announce Friday a new policy that would cut funding for health clinics that provide abortions or give information to patients about where they can obtain abortion care.



well, so much for women’s rights. i find this disgusting.


At $1,600,000 per abortion (search Elliot Broidy, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump), I am sure that there is spin to this claiming to be in the interest of fiscal conservatism.


Hey all you Trumpsters out there—misogynists, racists, religious nut cases or just plain cheap—I’ll make you a deal: you can withhold that part of your taxes going to fund Planned Parenthood if I can withhold that part of my taxes going to fund war.

Any takers?


Abortion is legal in the US. Vote in Nov. and hope Mueller proves treason so the nasties can be shut down legally.


Tic-Toc as the hands move around the clock. With each minute a little bit of America disappears.

Suppression becomes oppression and then becomes tyranny.


Trump’s “gag rules” haven’t been working out very well for him lately. Kind of hard to put the genie back in the bottle so to speak.


In this case, this GAG Rule will be used to cause more unwanted
pregnancies and more illegal abortions – and very likely the death
of more young girls and women.

And to put women’s health care clinics and abortion providers out
of business.

Trump obviously knows a few things about GAG rules, though we don’t
actually know how many of those legal agreements he’s used to keep
the women he’s been sexually aggressive with quiet –

And I think we’ve learned how generally popular they’ve been among
famous and wealthy males in the US.


Abortion has never been and will never be out of reach for the wealthy.

Laws prohibiting abortion target those who lack the means to pay for travelling to a venue offering legal, safe abortions.


Have not paid federal taxes in 26 years. I will not carry the burden of the wars that kill, maim, rape and destroy daily. 7 years in Syria, 600,000. Cities destroyed. Environments destroyed. Look at a map of USA military operations and only death, destruction and a USA made wasteland covered in toxins.

In the back of your mind you know it is wrong. You try not to think about it but every news flash shows a little bit of the destruction you pay for with your taxes. Pay per death. Paying to destroy the planet you live on and its people.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

If you believe in these truths then they are true for all humans.


I don’t like my taxes being spent on all the wars and killing and other things I don’t agree with either. But I am not going to go to jail for not paying my taxes. I would much rather move to another country first and renounce my citizenship, so the US can’t get any of my tax dollars.

Not sure how you are able to stay free and evade paying taxes, but not everyone here has that option.


These people are not pro lifers since once baby born are they willing to adopt the baby. ? We can’t handle the population we have now if there was no abortion this country would have over probably 600 million .


Agreed. I know one person who, as a self-employed, private music teacher, never paid taxes. Most of us never see it because our employers withhold it.

Check out the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (nwtrcc.org) if you want to get serious about not paying for war while still trying to uphold reasonable taxes for infrastructure, safety nets, etc.

As for the sanctimonious tone of the comment above? Meh. I’m sure the author’s carbon butt-print is as American as anyone else’s.


Good post Ditton. It is so sad, but you write the truth of it. Few can face that reality…which is one of the reasons it is reality.


It is a fact that We the People are being made politically more impotent as the fascist regime installs their despicable, inhumane, immoral, corrupt agenda. I’ve signed this petition which may or may not change a thing. At least I tried:


The world according to Trump and Pence. If you do not like, too bad you lose. Rights only exist for the favored few.


At one point during his campaign trump said that women should face some kind of punishment for having an abortion. I wonder how many abortions trump has paid for.


Gee more hypocrisy, Republicans claim to be for individual and family rights and values. Here they are invading the Dr./ patient relationship. And have they ever heard of the first amendment?
Trump’s ideology is only the ideology of destruction; lucifer is alive and well in the White House.


Trump is a pro life christian with homeland values from New York.