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Trump Ponders Petraeus for Senior Job


Trump Ponders Petraeus for Senior Job

Ray McGovern

The news that President-elect Donald Trump called in disgraced retired Gen. David Petraeus for a job interview as possible Secretary of State tests whether Trump’s experience in hosting “The Celebrity Apprentice” honed his skills for spotting an incompetent phony or not.


Another WAR criminal ( Petraeus) likely to get a promotion, ah ha, and the beat goes on, the beat goes on...


"Petraeus is known as a master of flattery, something that seemingly can turn Trump’s head."

Historian Douglas Brinkley must have come under the Petraeus spell, recently on one of those oh so serious pundit discussions about the incoming Trump Administration, Brinkley sang the praises of this so very "talented" man, with but a minor glitch (mistressgate), per Mr. Brnikley, in his sterling career, as a positive addition to the Trump team. Obiously Mr. Brnikley is being very selective in his choice of "historical" facts regarding Mr. Petraeus. Thanks Mr. McGovern for setting the historical record straight.


In a nutshell, Betrayus and Trump are two of a kind...both sociopaths in their own ways. Both will continue to bring more sociopaths into gubmit to sustain a comfortable environment for themselves.

With each passing year Murka further refines the art and science of blaming and punishing victims while rewarding perpetrators...Murkin septionalism at its best !


Patraeus is the epitome of the modern Pentagon in terms of gross incompetency, contempt for human life, & self-aggrandizement.

I was so disgusted when it was announced that Obama put Patraeus in charge of Afghanistan.

And this illustrates one of the most sickening aspects of the Trump Administration:

For the most part, his road was paved ahead of him, by the Democrats.


A reality check.....on an unreal nation. Reading this it made me wonder whether the US mainstream media is any better than what was the Soviet Union's Pravda. At least Pravda was honest about what is was which cannot be said for the US mainstream media. How do American families send their young to die in these delusional wars and continue to wave the flag? Trump is not eliminating "the swamp" but creating a much more toxic one.


We label DC establishment operatives as "incompetent" at our own peril. They are HIGHLY COMPETENT at enriching the 1% at the expense of the 99% which is the ONLY measure of success in their circles.

They want us to label them "incompetent" because it gives them cover to do whatever they want.


Brinkley has become a neocon mouthpiece. His so-called non-fiction (??) biographies are simply glorified propagandae and tawdry tales extolling virtues of rightist "patriots" ad nauseum. His credibility has sunk to another new low. At least Bill O-Reilly admits that his books are historical fiction.

Petraeus, a philandering Prevaricator and Provocateur wearing the hat of Secretary of State...how horrifying. T-Dump continues to drag our nation down into the deepest, darkest nether-regions where only the most vile, vicious vermin survive and thrive.


the things one learns from being a "community organizer."


Petraeus proves the old adage that you're never through in American politics unless you are caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. Petraeus was caught with a live woman to whom he gave classified information and he might secretary of state. This is going to be quite a show.



If you put a puzie and a victory in front of this guy, which will he grab?


Isn't his name spelled BETRAYUS?


I agree. I will take it a little further and suggest that, while, 'yes' for the record Petraeus is an evil little man..but COIN is utterly terrifying in its effectiveness and with his (Petraeus) possible re-start into potentially 'the' catbird seat, well..we..the American People..are IN a COIN operation right now. You don't need to read the whole thing FM 3-24..just start on wikipedia and after examining and digesting the image there ...'the 3 pillars of COIN'..you tell me 'nahh..we're not being subjected to counterinsurgency doctrine..bahh..'. Its all right there. "Control" of media, "Using" the public to create their own 'need a change in their government"...it goes on and on. I would also contend that it is the exact sneering arrogance sans any real deep 'look' that has led the "Left" and the author to make immediate political based assumptions like '..the Iraq war was a failure..'. Was it? Was it really now? No! It was EXACTLY what Cheney and Rumsfeld and their minions set out to accomplish. Destabilized the entire region and militarized America in the process..(you all realize we're still officially in "COG" right? Continuity of Government? Suspension of certain Civil Liberties. Look it up if you like). These guys are 'dopes'..sure. Aren't ALL Fascists? After all fascism is ultimately unworkable..bad move. But they are lethally effective and look around..to my eye's they have not really messed up yet. Getting just what they want and making US finance it all. Brilliant actually. Even 'elegant'. 'Course its also all pure evil..I mean genuinely 'Mephistophilian' (sic?)..satanic..truly. But...effective.

EDIT: In fact..can I reacquaint everyone with 'The' appropriate context and terminology for the brand of Bureaucrat Petraeus represents? I'll do it anyway..here goes:

"The Banality Of Evil".

That was the description used for Eichmann during his trial in Israel. The man killed millions with..a typewriter..and still looked bored.


Again..COIN doctrine and Special Forces basics. SOF is trained in dealing with 'tribal chieftans'. COIN goes on and on about bringing the local chief into compliance with your 'ops' whatever they may be. Petraeus is just doing his thing. Little bastard.