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Trump: Postal Workers Don’t Deserve a Financial Lifeline

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/09/trump-postal-workers-dont-deserve-financial-lifeline


Trump et al. loathe the USPS because there is something so very American about it. Imagine the temerity of serving every address in the nation for the same price. Where are the trolls under the bridges? I say the USPS should bring back postal banking, which is within the scope of their charter, and piss on the pigs faces. Would love to see that.


The show and tell of the parasites is epitomized in the treatment of the US Postal Service. They test run their extraction venom in hopes they can toss the carcass aside. Even if they are successful, it does NOT mean the original model is wrong, weak or negative. It IS a threat to neo-feudal parasites.


The money worshipers have been after the USPS for a long, long time, that and the National Parks are the absolute Best that the USA has going. Among the worst and most dangerous USA inventions are the Chamber of Commerce, the NRA, the republican party, and everyone of the conservative(fascist) thinktanks, and, the interpretation of the 2nd amendment of the Constitution, and the federalist society. And of course many more lesser things on both sides of this argument.


The American Public needs to realize that these grifters have scammed a bulldozer (Barr et al) to run off with the low hanging fruit. Time for road blocks and corrals (and to save corals too).


In 1967 the best Congress that money can buy (bCmcb) ended Postal Banking that had equitably served low income Americans’ banking needs for decades, thereby launching the pay day lending industry that continues to fund Congressional campaigns while exploiting low income Americans who have no other banking options.

In 1971 bCmcb turned the US Post Office into the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) , banning general fund money from funding USPS and requiring USPS to be self supporting, but kept Congress’ authority to dictate postal business practices, creating a heads bCmcb wins, tails USPS loses platform that USPS has been oppressed with ever since.

During the mid nineties I worked as a consultant to the USPS for three years and found an organization that had adapted very well to a quarter century of Congressional oppression. For example…bCmcb prohibited USPS from consolidating branches that were money losers, and some Congresscritters required new Post Offices be built on land that they or their cronies owned.

During the Dubya Regime bCmcb put USPS into a death spiral by requiring the pension program be funded for 75 years when no other public or private organization on the face of the earth has ever funded half that time frame.

Now bCmcb is coming in for the KILL.


Look the postal service disproportionately employs black and brown people, giving them good stable jobs at a living union wage. This is racism pure and simple. They want to stick it to black and brown people. Do not write about the USPS crisis without mentioning racism and the right’s hatred of public sector unions.


Timely mention of Congress targeting USPS’ diverse workforce !

I know a lot of white ass smart boys (or is it smart ass white boys ?) who lost their jobs during the past month and the USPS was the first place they applied for a job.


"But playing hardball on crisis aid gives Trump and others in his administration the leverage they’ve been seeking for years to gut the public Postal Service."

Follow the money! This is all about helping UPS and FedEx to make more money! The tragedy is that closing the postal service would be detrimental to those rural counties where neither UPS or FedEx deliver too. Prices would skyrocket and far too many Americans will be cut out of service!

Save our Postal Service!!


Another example of Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine in action.


Precisely as Stateless S. Bannon promised America in his speech at the CPAC convention in Feb. 2-0-1-7, the “deconstruction” is taking place, and has been so since Day Effing One. Only Congre$$ and the Court$ can change it, and they evidently like things just the way they are.


Please add the multitude of mainstream Dems to your list.

Thanks for this post and sharing some of your background. It is great to hear a little about the life experience behind the comments. Over time, it seems that regular ‘posters’ become people we know a little bit better, and appreciate more.


Trump and the Republican Party are genuinely worried about a movement towards mail in ballots in post coronavirus America. What to do?
You make sure there isn’t any mail.
The USPS will not exist by August.


The USPS has always found a way to to change when required, and have a lot of dedicated management that are competent in reorganization. They will be fine. As was stated earlier, the support for the USPS crosses party lines.
If only other businesses had streamlined their operations in the past as the USPS has, a lot of our problems of greed and inefficiency in the market place would not be as bad as it is.


Interesting. The timing does suggest that the possibility exists… if only as far as the mailing of election ballots issue goes. He really is THAT spiteful, vindictive, and destructive after all.


Vote by mail? Not if he can help it. Good story, but could use more meat. What is planned to counteract the Repugs plans?

Hi WiseOwl:
When I lived on CA, one of my neighbors worked for the Post Office. It seems that sometime back the evil ones in Congress wanted the Post Office to prepay the health care for something like 75 years. Interesting idea-----but they should really apply that to the military who doesn’t have a budget, nir do they know where a lot of their own money went
Geez, America, the Post Office is a service for the PEOPLE------the military often seems like a scheme that was cooked up by that Wall street person, the Madoff guy. Oh and there is a joke about "what’s in a name. , The once upon a time God of Wall street , he
MADOFF with the money! : )


I’m a FedEx ground driver, we get no health insurance, no extra $$ for working more because of the virus, its like peak at my terminal! Craziness and BTW. The CEO dushbags of all these companies are competing, NOT us drivers!! We ALL are just doing our jobs. UPS, USPS, AMAZON, FEDEX EXPRESS, FEDEX HOME DELIVERY, FEDEX GROUND, WE ALL ARE A PART OF GETTING ALL AMERICANS WHAT THEY WANT & NEED. PERIOD, I have friends at all these companies and just like fedex ground, their overwhelmed with the volume we have, it’s life so what. The government shouldn’t have ANY control over who gets help in the delivery services!! Spit the money up fairly, and get off your stupid high horse Trump!!


I’m going to enlist in the California army. It’s a start. :wink: