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Trump Pours More Misery On Iranians He’s Claiming To Support

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/27/trump-pours-more-misery-iranians-hes-claiming-support

Approx 70,000 early Persian deaths per year from latest bank sanction by USA.
Bolton was fired.
Why are we still pushing for his war with Iran?
Which we cannot win with a worn out, tired army.

Obama had it right with the JCPOA and Trump has sold us (yes, us) out in base servile service to Israel and, to a lesser extent, Saudi Arabia… and for what? What exactly was his 30 pieces of silver?

Iran supports the Palestinian resistance, Hamas, and Hezbollah, and is opposed to Saudi dictatorship, which hates Shia.

John Bolton on the take?
I support the Palestinian peoples. The Dearborn, Michigan are regular peoples. Family, work, church. Same as everybody else.
The Israel government for three generations have committed slow genocide against the Palestinian people. This comes from my adage, “Anyone who has been bullied becomes the bully the first chance they get”.
I oppose the saudi royal family owning the american republican party. And in about 6 weeks they will intake about 2 trillion dollars for a few oil pumps and pipelines and loading docks. The oil under the sand remains the property of the royal family.

I agree with you, Oldie.

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