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Trump Praised Duterte's Drug War, Told Him of Nuclear Subs, in Phone Call


Trump Praised Duterte's Drug War, Told Him of Nuclear Subs, in Phone Call

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump told Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte that he was "doing an amazing job" with his brutal drug war crackdown and informed him that the U.S. had two submarines off the Korean peninsula, according to a recently-released transcript of the two leaders' phone call last month.


I am sure this news made the Chinese more friendly! Trump is utterly reckless and out of touch with current policy. He acts like it is his information to do with as he wishes not the USA’s. In fact Trump shows that he considers being president gives him the right to have our whole country do whatever he wants …just like a king!


Trump’s praising of brutal dictatorships seems like it is intended to make this type to government more acceptable. The main advantage being called “law and order.” Given all the people who voted for Trump I wouldn’t it past millions of Americans to actually support this. Apparently it is now okay in some circles to completely ignore American history and also ignore American values from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Rather than tracing our history back to 1776 this crowd seems to trace it back to the day Rush Limbaugh began his show on radio.


Reactionary nonsense peddling–it’s what rightwing media does and it’s powerful, sadly.


Who doesn’t know we have a huge boomer fleet stationed all over the globe?
As far as the pandering to a strategically positioned country like the Philippines, it’s only a matter of time that regime change will visit Duterte. Once we are done with him.


He is a CEO of a private company where everyone kisses his ring and kowtows to his every whim AND he ran on the premise that the country should be run like that. Why is anyone surprised that he operates that way? What really astounds me is that so many people think this is a good thing. Even after the shit hits the fan over an over again all they seem to say is “Please sir, may I have some more?”


45 is quite obviously a clear and present danger to the U.S.A.
Nevertheless, there he is, day by day.


We have a Man Boy with a fourth grade vocabulary for President. Disgusting and disgraceful. More train wrecks a coming! Brace! Brace! Brace!


Trump seems to be enamored of anyone regarded as a “strong man” and strives to be one himself. He doesn’t seem to realize what the phrase really means - dictator. (or maybe he does and really does want to be a dictator)


Well, I am trying to figure something out here. A fat wealthy businessman with orange hair, small hands and a mind to match decides to run for president. Any candidates that might defeat him are put out of the running by questionable means, leaving the only opponent another crook who is considered to be as foul if not fouler than he is. He is more or less elected and immediately starts acting like the dictator of a Banana Republic.

  • One of his first acts is to enlarge the military, then to cut services to the people of the nation.
  • His cabinet and the regulatory agencies of the government are now all managed by ex-CEOs of the companies and operations that were to be regulated.
  • He sidles up to and expresses his admiration for any dictator who has managed to overthrow his country or is killing off his own citizenry for whatever reason. He has even expressed admiration for the leader of North Korea while at the same time planning a war against the country. He complemented Erdogan on his questionable win in the Turkish election. He called Duterte in the Philippines and complemented him on his handling of his drug problem (he kills them all in the street and is considering martial law).
  • His recent trip to Saudi Arabia to meet with the King and leaders of other Saudi allies in the Middle East was primarily to give them enormous amounts of arms. The main comment that the press picked up from his trip was that it was so wonderful there because there were no dissenters or protesters anywhere. Of course protest or dissent or even having the wrong expression on your face when you look at the King may well get you beheaded, but the Trump administration thinks that’s wonderful.
  • Am I the only one who sees a pattern here? Meanwhile, many states are passing draconian laws that make public protest a felony, with long, automatic, imprisonment.
  • And now, of course, we are seeing any repair of our infrastructure being outsourced to wealthy corporations.
  • I could go on for pages, but I’m sure you have the idea already. My question is, will we wake up in time to stop this or are we not going to wake up until we find ourselves looking out through the razor wire?
  • Remember, what we do today or fail to do today is going to affect our children, our grandchildren and most probably our great-grandchildren. We must decide and do what is necessary to restore and maintain a Constitutional Republic, or resign ourselves to living our lives out as sick, homeless, hungry, serfs serving the Oilagarchy for whatever crumbs may drop from their tables, to feed our families.
  • The choice is ours but I fear the time is short.


Duterte and DJT probably have the same libidinal preferences, are lifelong narcissists, trumpet their “successes” with bravado and have insatiable greed, which makes them fast “friends” who would turn on one another when the mood suits them. Should DJT opt to visit the Philippines, I am sure Duterte would provide any and all “comforts” for the a_ _hat, not unlike those provided by Vlad in the past.

Nice of the demented dimwit to assure Duterte about the subs…obviously the orange oaf has absolutely no concern about safety and well-being of the crews aboard them as something like that would never enter his mind when he is perpetually hell-bent on telling all who will listen how great and powerful he (thinks) is. I am sure that Kim Jung Un enjoyed hearing about their whereabouts, too…along with any other number of countries.


There was an outstanding documentary by Frontline that aired on PBS-TV last night, “Bannon’s War.” You can see the video here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/bannons-war/ Bannon’s influence on DJT (Bannon replaced DJT’s beloved mentor, Roy Cohn as a role model) and all the connections are outlined, which address many of your concerns and queries. We are in for one helluva long, perilous roller coaster ride of destruction.


Remember, as Louis XIV said, “L’etat c’est moi”.


He’s a modern day Caligula.


Remember, one of Caligula’s accomplishments was to make his horse a Senator. Unfortunately, these days, virtually all the Senate seats are filled with some part of a horse already.


“Road apples” (horse poop) are very easily contained, are not unpleasant to smell and readily dispensed with; whereas elephant (GOP) excrement is voluminous, odiferous, dense, and spreads and splashes everywhere, and is not so easily contained (unless using a tractor with a scooping shovel attached)… But when composted, both are great for fertilizer for plants.


Seems like they do just that! Maybe it is like a variant of ‘learned helplessness’ which I call >>> ‘learned selfishness’. When people had good jobs and benefits etc. and they could see that even the rich including corporations paid taxes too, they felt a sense of community with other citizens.

But under the Repubs, American workers and the middle class were thrown under the wheels of the juggernaut that rolled right over them leaving them foreclosed on (while the crooked bankers got off scot free), their medical benefits gone as were their jobs etc.! This disproportionate hard times for the lower classes and ‘Good Times’ for the corporate elites and the 1% has made the once generous American spirit shrivel on the vine. Now people fight dog eat dog for non unionjobs without benefits at low or minimum wage and then take out their anger and frustrations on each other.

Also, most people nowadays lean right or left without really knowing the score. If you asked 9 out of 10 Americans whether poor school kids should be fed a school lunch, most would tell you that’s the way it is supposed to be. If you say Trump’s budget will make huge cuts in the school lunch and meals on wheels for the elderly…they literally won’t believe you! Yet they will get angry if you start to question Trump’s tax cuts for the rich because they can’t believe that they won’t get any of them!

“Please sir, may I have some more!” In reverse! Aren’t we something these days. Like I said - the more life in America got hard, the more working people felt put upon and taken advantaged of. They were taught to be more selfish towards those who had less without even thinking about it.


I was thinking of the horses asses that manufacture it. :wink:


and I was just expanding on your theme :slight_smile:


We, the human beings of Planet Earth, in order to make our little marble-in-the-void a safer and more loving place, do hereby cast all of these dictators, “strongmen”, and wanna-be dictators cluttering up our planet, into the Dustbin of History. We order you out of our governments, out of our oceans, off our soils, and off our precious airwaves. We will no longer acknowledge your foul existence, nor will we so much as utter your evil names, and we look forward with GREAT ANTICIPATION for lightning to flash out of the skies and VAPORIZE your corrupt asses.