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Trump Praises 'Fantastic' Pakistan in Unorthodox Call with Prime Minister


Trump Praises 'Fantastic' Pakistan in Unorthodox Call with Prime Minister

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The government of Pakistan has released what it says is a summary of a phone call between its prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump—offering a candid look at the commander-in-chief's unusual style of diplomacy.

The conversation allegedly took place on Monday, and the readout in full is below:


And the horror that is T-dump continues to explode around the world. HIs poison is potent and seemingly endless in volume. It is going to be one hellacious, treacherous, disastrous ride for all of the world, all life and our planet with this lunatic steering the speeding train.

ISIS also knows how to use social media, including Twitter...so T-Dump will be able to readily communicate with them. How fantastic...


Well, having read that so called transcript, all I can say is, if the gushing and fake kiss-kissing and the 'you look so wonderful!" Hollywood-style phoniness is the worse thing Trumpee has to offer, then it's not so bad. of course it's all BS. But then, the Pakistani government has that down pat.


I for one have confidence in the Cheetoh, about the same that I had in Hobamas 'line in the sand' comment about Syria.


Trump won't be the person in the White House running things - no president has been.


Reading that transcript, I seriously doubt that Trump knew a single thing about Nawaz Shaif, about Pakistan, nor could he find Pakistan on a map. Wonder if he even knew that it was a Muslim country?


You are so right!

The Hazmat Man (always dressed in neon orange while removing asbestos), aka T-dump does not know what he is saying from one minute to the next and he certainly would not bother to look on a map or use his computer to find or research Pakistan nor consult the US department of state before communicating with Pakistan...as is the way of all petty dictators and despots. Lunatics, as a rule, do not live in reality...just the one they create for themselves.


A fine example of the manipulative tactics of your average (or maybe exceptional?) psychopath.


I am proud of the PE being consistent; he continues to speak at a 4th grade level. But also thinks about females on a 7th grade level. So don't underestimate this man.