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Trump Predictably Uses Attacks to Justify Counter-Productive Anti-Muslim Policies


Trump Predictably Uses Attacks to Justify Counter-Productive Anti-Muslim Policies

Andrea Germanos & Jon Queally, staff writers

President-elect Donald Trump's plans for a Muslim ban or registry are still on the table, he suggested Wednesday afternnon, implying that the deadly attacks this week in Turkey and Berlin validated such discriminatory policies.


Trump should not become president. He wants to keep Muslims out of this country but wants to keep our troops in Syria, Iraq & Afghanistan which are Muslim majority nations.


T-dump is an immature, nasty narcissist and will always react as a vengeful, snarling cornered badger bent on tearing at the flesh of his targeted victims. And he is soon-to-be the leader of our nation...welcome to Hell on Earth.

Hey, ISIS...are you listening/reading social media?

  • "what's going on is terrible. Terrible terrible."
  • "I am very smart. Very very smart."
  • “I want security for this country, okay? I want security.”
  • “That’s wrong. They were wrong. It’s The New York Times, they’re always wrong. They were wrong.”
  • “I don’t need money. I don’t want money. And this is going to be a campaign, I think, like no other. I’m not controlled by lobbyists. I’m not controlled by anybody.”
  • "Jeb Bush is a very nice man. I’ll be honest; I think he’s a very nice person."

William F. Buckley is now "spinning very fast, spinning very very fast" in his grave.


Trump Trump Trump. I'm sick of it already. The blame for Trump lies squarely on neoliberal Democrats. Obama had both houses and he caved them away, listening to the neolibs instead of fighting mightily for getting the legal bribery out of politics. I hope the backlash comes soon.


I agree about the blame, but we better damn be ready to fight Trump. It is a big, or rather huge deal.

I wish I had a nickel for every argument made by "leftists" dismissing criticisms of the Trump who could rightly see all the bad things about Clinton, but Trump? Meh.


It appears that after years of game shows, sitcoms, violent dramas, and endless advertising enough Americans were dumbed down not only to waste their money buying junk but to elect someone president who is completely lost when it comes to running a government. So the most powerful person in the world will be a joker who is hopelessly over his head in a job that he doesn't even have the attention span to prepare for. We will not have a leader, only an addicted tweeter who is flailing around crazily at the top. And oh yeah, unfortunately he appears to be fascist.


His bizarre furrowed brow even more so due to the g-forces of all that spinning.


The leftistshave their agenda. They certainly don't want truth to get in the away. To take down capitalism and install socialism may require straying from the truth once in awhile. Meanwhile the right is doubling down on capitalism and has thrown the truth into the waste bin.


Well I'm certainly a leftist, and don't fit into the false dichotomy you present. I think it is completely unrealistic to believe that capitalism is going anywhere before ACD kills us all. That said, the Nordic Model would be a huge leap toward more economic justice, and the reining in of out of control corporate greed and power.

Truth? You speak the truth? Every now and then you speak some truth on ACD, but that's about it.

You apologize for corporate governance, and to do so you consistently trample on truth.


If you were a ISIS leader wouldn't you love this guy! With millions and millions of good Muslims around the world, Trump looks like ISIS may now have found their best recruiter. "Trump says plans for a Muslim ban or registry are still on the table".

Looks like American, Muslims can look forward to a coming nightmare!


Well, I guess I am willing to be the turd in the punchbowl. There is a problem within the religion of Islam that would leave everyone screaming bloody murder if it was Lutherans or Catholics. I hope we have a sane conversation about it in the near future.


The biggest turd in their punchbowl comes from the Abrahamic religions before it and IYHN they are still hanging like the albatross around our necks and brains.


looks like the whole world can look forward to a coming nightmare worse than it already is.................


And I wish I had a penny for every person who refuses to admit that the DNC's rigging of the nomination for HRC, along with the "A woman in the White House is all that I care about" primary voters, has given us Trump.


The German's defence of that is there are presently over 600 'suspects' under surveillance as a security risk and watching all of them constantly would cost man hours that run into tens of thousands and in this age of 'austerity' they simply do not have the resources, moreover they have to walk a fine line between monitoring citizens and not becoming a high security police state. I don't think you can really lay the blame at the security forces for these attacks. How does one police thousands of Christmas markets across the EU and every stolen truck? The Right, Alernative for Deutschland, are blaming Merkel for allowing in so many refugees, around a million.


Here a link to yet another example, among near countless, of the real trump - a cheap, petty, pathological liar and narcissist who has such a distorted and perverted view of life and honor - of common decency - we all are in for a very rough ride! How about you "Christians" tell us why you voted for him! Same reason you support Israeli atrocities and war crimes? Is this evil what Jesus taught?

trump will be in violation of Constitution & numerous laws immediately upon inauguration - will any R'Cons oppose that?! he will not truly end his conflicts of interest, or divest, or release his smoking-gun tax returns, only lie, distort, evade, and destroy - one can only hope his pathology's will sink him before he can destroy more of America.........then its his cabinet picks and Pence!


Trumps pick of a Zionist extremist as Israeli Ambassador foretells more theft of territory & illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories, more Palestinian home demolitions, more water and resource thefts, more IDF racist killings and persecution of Palestinians, displacement/ethnic cleansing by Israel (our 51st state) and more dishonor brought on America!

"For many years, Israel has been intent on demolishing the Palestinian village of Susya and displacing its 300 some residents in order to build a Jewish settlement there. This historical land grab has attracted some unlikely opponents."
Both Google and Apple have been complicit to Israeli racism and land grabs by "disappearing" Palestinian villages on maps.


The blame for Drumpf lies at a freak of Nature.


"All along, I’ve been proven to be right. 100% correct."

So all you naysayers, shut up. The child rapist is on top of truth, 100% of the time.