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Trump Preparing to Deliver 'Punch in the Face' to Those Who Trusted Him on Trade


Trump Preparing to Deliver 'Punch in the Face' to Those Who Trusted Him on Trade

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In yet another broken promise, President Donald Trump appears to be walking back his campaign rhetoric on the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA—preparing to deliver what one critic described as "a punch in the face" to those who trusted Trump to make the trade deal better for working people.


No surprise here after appointing half the executive ranks of G-Sachs to high financial positions already. On matters of economics, we were screwed either way in this election. It just serves to emphasize the point that we are desperate for political alternatives beyond what power permits us.

That said, I almost feel sorry for the folks voting for Trump out of sheer desperation. It’s easy to get taken in when no one with any power ever listens to you or takes your concerns seriously. This is just one more instance of a very long string of elite betrayals.


Anyone who followed the campaign knew this guy is a fraud. What should we expect? Of course, we got the same thing from Obama who reneged on his FISA vote promise during the campaign, failed to hold Wall Street accountable for the 2008 fiasco, failed to hold Bush/Cheney & Company accountable for illegal torture, failed to close Guantanamo and had a hit list for drone murders. You don’t get to the oval office if you are any good for humanity.

However far he thinks he can go - there is always a reaction. If the republicans loose congress in two years and the democrats decide to do something for the people - Trump could be in big, big trouble. As it is now, I doubt the repugnicants will do anything to hold our country in some level of law or integrity. Their constitution is money and power. As bad as it all looks, there will be a reaction to his actions and some of the things he does may lead to unforeseen consequences for him.


That Trump would replace or modify existing neoliberal trade deals with something even worse should have been obvious.

Neoliberalism can be defined as a post-Fordist, post Keynesian from of savage capitalism with internationalist characteristics - albeit with some token, largely toothless bones thrown to civil society interests (the “side agreements”).

Trumpism can be defined as the same except on steroids and with gloves-off nationalist characteristics and not even lip service to any interests except the wealthy and powerful.


I pity the people who trusted rump on his face value. Surely they should know to never trust a businessman on their face value? Obviously, they didn’t. I pity them for being so gullible. They opened themselves to being betrayed. The lack of media attention on true alternatives such as Jill Stein made misled them into believing that no alternatives existed. We knew all this because we look harder and deeper than most. How can we bring all this to light to help these people avoid being duped again? TV ads are expensive.


Anyone surprised? Just more corroboration that with all the Goldman Sacks handouts; Trumps desire to run for POTUS was purely a business decision.


Way too many progressives let their dislike of Clinton cloud their better judgement. Can you remember some of the pre-election comments on here? Trump was basically a man of peace, better on “trade,” who wasn’t an “establishment” warmonger. His garbage business history, the fact he’d spent the last two decades running cons on senior citizens and retirees, that everything about him was the opposite of progressive didn’t matter. To bring it up, or the fact he kept bragging about “getting tough” militarily on name-the-bad-guy, or issues like the Supreme Court, was to push “fear voting.” Instead of neoliberalism (I think that word gets tossed around way too much), some progressives seemed to prefer hard right conservatism. Oh well.


Jill Stein was the best alternative in this past election, and yes, we had to look harder for the alternatives to the two old parties.

But, most people have this ‘need’ to feel they’re going to win. They disregard that the political party they are choosing to vote for has voted for perpetual war and military conflicts all over the globe for decades. They disregard that the political party they are voting for has sold their allegiance to the corporations, the banks, the health care and pharmaceutical industries. They disregard all of this so they can ‘win.’

It’s sad so many are so blind. It’s no wonder many in this country don’t even vote.

Look at the two candidates the old parties gave us to choose from. It’s disgusting.

We all should have refused to accept either one of them.

Sounds like you and I chose wisely.

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s who will represent the 99% best.



Third parties will never gain strength as long as most voters view voting no differently than watching a football game…be on the winning side. It really is that shallow.

Those of us who stopped voting for corporate candidates three decades ago continue to be chastised for “wasting our votes” when we are actually the only voters NOT wasting our votes.


Not surprising - the only somewhat appealing position Trump took on the campaign trail turns our to be a lie.


The positive is that most have a much better understanding of the NAFTA, TPP, etc anti worker, corporate friendly deals than we did under Obama’s secrecy and non disclosure foot dragging efforts until the very last moments.


No matter what happened he is here. Now what?


A laid off or fired worker is not thinking, "Hey that is positive. You , as an elite can afford to just debate.


I agree, and against those corporations- do not buy their products. Without customers, they make no profits.


The red queen blew it for most of us with her Goldman Sachs lies, Libya affair and war mongering calling for removal of a freely elected Syrian head of state plus her anti Russian war rhetoric. That was quite scary to me.


Free Market values are now dictating societal values from healthcare, safety nets, environment and immigration, ethics and morals.


The real outrage regarding these arbitration panels is that cases challenging US labor, environmental or other regulations can be brought by foreign subsidiaries of US corporations – corporations whose parent company in the US would be bound by US laws and unable to bring extrajudicial challenges to a corporate dominated appeals panel.

This is just an end run around democratic governance and national sovereignty.

It’s certainly not “putting America first”!

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


The analogy that I use for the commenters here is that if stuck in a -40 C (or F) blizzard on a mountain, and offered the choice of a hut that is totally un heated and one that is only heated to a few degrees below freezing, they would choose the unheated one while complaining that the other hut was too cold.


The prison goons employed by this freely elected (???) “Syrian head of state” are responsible for a Syrian refugee whom my brother is sponsoring, having severe PTSD, has attempted suicide twice, and has needed surgical repair procedures on his rectum for reasons I will let you figure out. His crime? Attending a pro-democracy demonstration, and possibly they found out about his sexual orientation.

Assad was not “freely elected” he is the foremost vile torturing thug in the world today and all the international left - especially the exiled Syrian socialist left - is calling for him to dangle at the end of a rope. I hope the day comes soon. He will be executed humanely and will be spared the torture and misery he has inflicted on millions of Syrians.

Why has the US-left adopted fascism?


Personally, I knew we were going to be screwed either way, and Stein and the Greens only show up for a couple of months every four years. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for anyone. Wouldn’t have made much of a difference, in reality, and my conscious is clear.