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Trump ‘Presidential’ Again—for Ramping Up War in Afghanistan


Trump ‘Presidential’ Again—for Ramping Up War in Afghanistan

Ben Norton

Donald Trump is finally “presidential” again, pundits insist, now that he is ratcheting up another US war.


Which should make it clear that modern US presidents are merely spokesman for the people who really make the decisions on matters of great importance to the oligarchy.


People seem so tired of this war that it is hard to respond. It has become part of normal life in America. Most of the time we don’t even think about it. As the US was withdrawing people paid less and less attention to it. Most of the attention has been on the war in Syria and Iraq. Compared to what has been happening in those countries the war in Afghanistan has seemed relatively minor. Even the war in Yemen has superseded it in news coverage. How many people even remember what the war in Afghanistan is about? Since almost the beginning it has been pretty clear that since the Taliban come from western Pakistan and US troops cannot go into Pakistan that this war was militarily unwinnable. The only way the US could win was if the Taliban gave up and decided their efforts are futile. After 16 years it should be clear to everyone that the Taliban will never give up. They seem prepared to outlast the US no matter how long it takes. The other main hope is that the Taliban would negotiate a settlement and get the best deal that they can. But negotiations never got far. The US could just leave. But the fear is that the Taliban would take over the country and Al-Qaeda, ISIS, etc, would use the Afghanistan as a base for carrying out terrorist attacks on Western countries. So the situation appears to have no solution. Apparently rather than any solution the US will continue to engage in this war by either withdrawing or adding troops. When troop levels get too low more troops will be added and when there are enough troops then there will be a withdrawal until more troops are needed again. Meanwhile during presidential elections the candidates will either promise to take all the troops out like Trump or just make generalized statements like Clinton and Sanders. Since very few American troops are now being lost in Afghanistan it would seem that the American public can tolerate this war indefinitely. The war in Afghanistan may really fit the definition of an endless war.


What looking Presidential looks like:



Kushner met with Netanyahu today.


This country’s War of Terror on third world countries has the same roots in bigotry and racism as marches of the alt-right in this country, but unlike the Swastika clad marchers in this country who proudly display their evil, these pundits and politicians hide their filth behind the pretense of making us safer. It’s Trump’s rant about stopping immigrants to do the same on a far more massive and politically correct scale and, of course, these same morally bankrupt pundits and politicians never mention the cost in innocent lives. Maybe when this government starts dropping bombs in their neighborhood to kill suspected terrorists, they’ll sing a different tune.


Fifty years, fifty years, the time the U. S. is planning to be in Afghanistan. Strategic rationale has shifted:

“All of that to say that I think the strategic rational has shifted, I think we’re staying in Afghanistan for the next 50 years. The reason I say that is because Afghanistan presents us with the only opportunity, land opportunity, territory opportunity upon which to put US forces that can, at any given time that they desire to, that the president orders it, interdict, interfere with, or give the Chinese some trouble with their one belt, one road theory; essentially building a new silk road from Xinjiang Province all the way through the region and up into Europe.
The only way the United States can impact that with hard military force would be from a position somewhere along that route. We discovered, with regard to the Eastern Mediterranean in Afghanistan, for example, that it’s extremely difficult, if not well nigh impossible to do it out of the Eastern Mediterranean with naval air forces and air forces. I don’t see that we are going to leave Afghanistan if this is indeed the shifting strategic rationale any time soon.” Colonel Wilkerson.


Trevor Noah displayed the highest irony, sending up the similarities between Obama’s and Trump’s pitches:


Complete despair - if 90% of the opinion makers think this completely pointless destruction is a wonderful thing, what chance to we have? I just came from two social media threads where people were all “if we leave, things will be so much worse,” and “We can’t let the terrorists come back, or let Russia or China take over,” What can we do?


If this war continues much longer it might give the military the opportunity to test out its robotic weapons under real combat conditions. Eventually the US military could wind up fighting in Afghanistan without any US troops being at risk…


But . . .  But . . .  Of course it’s a good thing!  How could the MSM say anything different when all of our news outlets are owned by the same oligarchs who own the munitions factories.  After all, “What’s good for General Motors [and General Dynamics] is good for the U.S.A.!!”

That could lead to a real conflict between the factions behind the throne – will the M.I.C. get bigger profits if the U.S. uses robots, or will Eric Prince get bigger profits if the U.S. hires his mercenaries.  Of course mercenary robots are always possible – a win-win for everyone involved . . .

That must mean we’ll have robot mercenaries fighting in Iran any day now . . .


Congress people like to go on junkets. I think for all of these wars, our president and all members of congress should serve on the front lines of these wars even if only for a few days. I think we would suddenly see an end to all of this war business. they are cowards except when it comes to others lives. other people’s children. When can we see some of the same images of death and destruction that we saw during Vietnam? when will they start showing the caskets again? They won’t - because they are cowards and plot to deceive the people at every step. No person of any morality or sensibility could ever support all of these incursions of the US into other people’s countries.


Imperialism and the MSM

The Mother of All Bonds


Miller, who directed Afghanistan and Pakistan policy on the National Security Council for both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, declared that Trump’s address “was one of Donald Trump’s finest moments as president.”

Can the bar be set any lower?


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