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Trump Proclaims Nevada Has Made It 'Impossible' for GOP to Win by Expanding Voting Rights During Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/03/trump-proclaims-nevada-has-made-it-impossible-gop-win-expanding-voting-rights-during

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Hey Orange Fuckhead, Nevada went for Clinton in 2016 last time around and Obama twice in 2008 and 2012 without all the mail in ballots you are blathering about. And Clinton winning Nevada did not stop your other MAGA morons from other states from getting you the win. Yet again you tell many lies every fucking day. Yes and everyone with a bit of a brain knows that the Republicans cannot win anything if the elections are fair when it comes to all the gerrymandering and voter suppression they invoke election after election to stay in power. What a fucking little baby you are crying all the time. And given the ineptitude and corruption of the DNC forcing yet another neoliberal monster upon us, there is a good chance you will remain in power to destroy everything once and for all. That thought alone should give your little mushroom a lift and put a big old fucking smile on your sociopathic soul.


How to reliably get reliable information to all citizens during a pandemic so as to co-ordinate an effective response to the situation? Not every one watches TV or listens to the radio. Not everyone reads newspapers. Not everyone has internet. It would be useful if there were a method of printing the information and updates on paper and getting a copy into the hands of every American. Do we need to reinvent the Post Office?

How useful it would it be if everyone had access to a free and secure email account and reliable information could be emailed to everyone so that we could better co-ordinate the US response to the pandemic. Possibly the Post office could be tasked to run the servers?

As for Liar Trump’s tweet, someone should inform him that we do not exist solely to put him back in power and that he does not have a God-given right to cheat his way back into power.


No surprise as this arch troglodyte occupying the WH refused to honor John Lewis by attending his funeral who gave much for the right to vote and was nearly killed for it.

Time for another donation to Fair Fight.


US America is the land of massive cognitive dissonance, all the time. We are the clever little demons who will invent and patent twelve impossible vaccines before breakfast, but we can’t possibly figure out mail-in voting by November – my God, that would be rocket science. We can’t do rocket science anymore; we have to subcontract that out to Elon Musk, and everyone knows he’s full of shit. You’ve got rockets blowing over on the goddam tarmack. No way US Americans can figure out how to vote this year. Our pose of stupid incompetence is too compelling – Were doing things simply and intelligently to become a habit, who knows where that might lead?


Said so well and with truth. Amen brother! Tell it like it is! Peace.

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I couldn’t agree more. How UNPRESIDENTIAL to not even make a public statement of John Lewis’ passing. Then again, the fat knuckle dragger is anything but presidential.


Shut-up before you accidentally nominate him.

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Trump and all the pathological liars in the GOP distort claims with zero evidence!
Honest universal voting makes it “impossible” for the GOP to win - all they have to allow their criminal “wins” is voter suppression, USPS postal GOP appointed director sabotage and suppression and defunding, hyper-partisan gerrymandering, disappearing polling places, registration and highly-questionable machines. The corrupt media propaganda machine is another issue. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and its threats to the public, resulting in death for some, are the threat to a fair election - a crime by trump & co they support!

Most/many of the corrupt, partisan roadblocks to voting are avoided by universal registration and mail-in voting patterned on the extended, mail-in and drop-off system that has worked admirably for decades in Oregon - with virtually ZERO fraud you GOP liars!. So-called “fraud” has been limited to (as I recall) 0.04% - Advantages are many including much higher turnout that is a threat to Republicons and herr trump, disadvantages very limited.

Enough of the manipulated, suppressed, hacked electronic machines made by crony corporations!




“See you in court”. That’s tRump speak for “I’m gonna fight the November election results tooth and nail.” A whole lot of people would like to see his corrupt lyin’ ass in court, wearing shackles.


“US Americans”

Thanks for saying that and how unusual to read that. Most people – including so-called “progressives” – don’t say or write that which is annoying and arrogantly implies that USans own the entire hemisphere known as America.


It’s possible to avoid the mail all together . I believe most states will print you a valid “ mail in ballot “ at the county auditors office or whatever office handles ballots . Then just fill it out and return by hand , thus avoiding the mail and Trumps attempt to sabotage it !


Yes, including the SDNY:


if President Donald Trump isn’t reelected in 2020, he could be arrested immediately by the Southern District of New York (SDNY) when he leaves the White House.

the SDNY investigation has elevated the stakes for the president when it comes to winning the 2020 presidential election.

“The irony here, that I hope it is not lost on people, is that the Trump Organization, which appears to be a massive criminal front, is so small potatoes that if Trump hadn’t run for president, SDNY wouldn’t care,” he said. "SDNY cares about stopping terrorists.


"As the New York Times the statute of limitations for Trump’s alleged crime (or crimes) is likely to run out in 2022, which means he’ll probably be in the clear if he leaves office in 2025 rather than 2021. When voters go to the polls in two years, then, they may not only be voting to remove Trump from the White House, but to put him into prison."

“the simple reality that defeating Trump next year would leave him exposed to criminal investigation. If Democrats believe they need the system to hold Trump accountable above and beyond mere electoral repudiation, the criminal justice system has several promising avenues through which such an outcome might result.”


I’m so gratified by your recognition of my indigenous little habit, I can truly say you’ve made my day! Exactly, good friend: We US Americans don’t own either continent of North or South America – how difficult is it to abstain from speaking as if we do?

This reminds me of the controversy over B.C. & A.D. (“before Christ” & “anno domini”) versus B.C.E. & C.E. (“before Common Era” & “Common Era”). The older convention carries the arrogant assumption that all decent people are, were, or will be Christian.


Given the pandemic and its non-political suppression, mail-out - mail-in or drop-off into road-side collecting containers (like secure US mail boxes only larger) like used in Oregon for decades seem more realistic than people driving to somewhere to obtain forms - many voters especially the poor and seniors will find that so onerous they will not vote - IMO No, the Oregon decades of experience show the way.


I can only say one thing: No shit Sherlock.

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He is going to unleash the dogs on Nevada. As a message.

“Using Covid to steal the state,” the president added. “See you in Court!”

God I hope after the November “Blue Crush” where Democrats take the house the senate and the white house that all of America sees you in court Donald!! Along with Jared Kushner, Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, Steve Miller and all your other enablers. For two reasons. 1) you are guilty of crimes 2) as an extreme example for the next yahoo Republican who decides to disregard the constitution and the law.


Amen! Can I get an Amen, everybody!

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Excellent example of the dynamics dating from Papal Bulls of the 15th Century - which STILL are part of property law pertaining to the traditional lands of the indigenous peoples. Most recent iteration can be found in the case Johnson v Mackintosh.
On the resultant legal structures: ~https://doctrineofdiscovery.org/law/

Truth IS stranger than fiction

One must read them to believe them and then a whole lot of history not taught begins to settle out in plain view.