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Trump Promised Massive Infrastructure Projects—Instead We’ve Gotten Nothing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/26/trump-promised-massive-infrastructure-projects-instead-weve-gotten-nothing

I hope that the infrastructure plan that does arise is weighted toward throwing less, not more, CO2 into the atmosphere. Considering how making cement contributes around 5% of all human caused CO2 - any infrastructure bill should mandate the more modern cement production methods that can cut their emissions dramatically.


I’m guessing rump sells used cars as a hobby because he sure talks like a used car salesman…
But hey, military spending is up…


In a perfect world, campaign promises would be enforceable contracts. Instead, we get vaporware. Why do we keep on buying it???

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Be careful what you wish for. Most of President Trump’s campaign promises were things that are bad for the country (e.g. he campaigned on the promise that he would ban all muslims from entering the country, he campaigned on the promise that he would leave the treaty with Iran, he campaigned on the promise that he would build up the coal mining industry and promote fossil fuels, he campaigned on the promise that he would build a towering wall on the Mexican border, he campaigned on the promise that he would appoint radically conservative judges to the Supreme Court, he campaigned on the promise that he would eliminate environmental and safety regulations, etc…)


Binding platforms? Though that might be feasible only within frame of intra-party negotiations - e.g., where the near-half left flank of the Democratic Party that supported Sanders in 2015-16 got specific commitments (to be supported by high level cabinet appointments, and realized by Executive actions where necessary) in return for their vote.

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Point taken in the specific case of SpongeDon SquareMouth, but the larger phenomenon is one of long standing: candidates are free to say anything that comes into their heads—or, at least, anything that polls well—but are never, ever, held to account for their contrary actions subsequent to taking the oath of office.

Lather, rinse, repeat…

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… And his “supporters” would GLADLY follow him off a cliff like the blind, ignorant “hillbillies” that they are. Sorry for the hard criticism, but as the old saying goes “the truth hurts”.

Is this Con. Neal as dumb as he looks? This guy is a giant neon billboard for The Peter Principle. Someone please hand him a boot 1/2 full of pee with the instructions for emptying it, printed on the heel. Yes, he will be graded. BTW- Did he go to Harvard or Yale Business School?
I’m overjoyed this duffus is being primaried. He’s the Dimocratic version of Con. " Screwy " Louie Gohmert. Maybe they’re really brothers from a different mother. Mother Goose, perhaps.

Trump will blame this on the Democrats and his loyal base will eat it up.

His opponent spent zero on infrastructure, so he did in fact double it!

Is the 1% and the others who made out so well with tRump’s tax giveaway part of the infrastructure? Case closed, the infrastructure is now in perfect shape!!!

Hi GuildF312S
Maybe work could be easily shown that way. Congress would have benchmarks and dates when work was to be done, with benchmarks made into a simple graph, so that Americans could see what has actually been accomplished
A simple graph would do, just to show the accomplished work and the completed dateline— either reached or missed At least that way people could see that we were moving forward and or moving in Trump type circles—which would be easy to see!
These graphs are easy to use as people show this kind of thing all the time when they are raising money or completing work. Timelines are an important way to keep track of money , time and accomplishment : three things that Trump does not adhere too. : )

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Instead of “debates” which, since the League of Women Voters walked away in disgust, are mere duopoly beauty pageants, why don’t we insist that candidates submit a proposed proposed budget for their first year of incumbency?

Not only would this establish their priorities and assumptions, but it would give us something to measure the incumbent against in terms of effectiveness and consistency, much like your suggestion of graphs and timelines. As it is, we’re stuck with talking heads who, more often than not, ask us to ignore the evidence of our eyes and ears and rely on what we’re told.

Hi GuildF312S:
YES! We need REAL and concrete plans! It’s too easy to promise without having some specifics. And really all those Dem candidates on one stage in these useless debates are pretty lame… and distracting. There are too many people and not enough good ones. : (
Sadly the network questioners seem equally lame.

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Almost as if by design, eh?

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I love the idea of actual plans, with actual specs and cost estimates, for each and every campaign promise. I remember an episode from the Andy Griffith Show, titled Politics Begins at Home(Season7). Aunt Bee and Howard Sprague debate various topics as they run for town council. Aunt Bee has all these fantastic projects that will be implemented based on the “will of the people”. Mr. Sprague calmly and deliberately answers each of her talking points with fact, figures, and alternatives.(He’s an inspiration for all of us Aspies out there, I mean, that project where he compares the number of births between boys and girls is perfect!) That’s what we need, not reality shows or popularity contests. As for infrastructure repairs…forget projects that only rely on personally owned cars. Build mass transit that works for everybody, rural and urban. Plan green spaces in cities. Urban farms. Green energy.

He didn’t say a real infrastructure plan. And anyway, Trump’s white trailer trash don’t care.

Trumpista’s can’t get themselves to support environmental improvements, quite the opposite, so it’s disappointing but not unexpected that trump would ignore spending on infrastructure…As said, we need to plan for the future not just replace roads and bridges with clones.
We are becoming soo third world. It is disappointing to say the least.

But he did double what his opponent would spend; since she was not elected (well, you know) she didn’t become president, she authorized 0…and 2 times 0 is 0…another promise kept!