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Trump Proposal on Dreamers Nothing But 'Red Meat for Xenophobic Extremists'


Trump Proposal on Dreamers Nothing But 'Red Meat for Xenophobic Extremists'

Jon Queally, staff writer

"Congress should reject this warped, anti-immigrant policy wish list," says Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Tex.), vice chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus


Yep, it is part of the Trump 2020 campaign.


Trumps border wall is unimaginative copycat zionism from Israel and copycat communism from Berlin.

The world wide boycott anything made in Israel will eventually expand to include its colony, us.


How a snot-nose neocon extremist SB like stephen miller - his photo (and agenda) shows the soulless face of a person devoid of empathy and intellect - how _That_gets to be “adviser” to trump and his criminal regime is astonishing, but par for trumps pathological course. we have become a nation ruled by madness, true evil, Israeli/zionist interests/racism, Xtian religious nutters, economic/financial slavery/usury and the for-profit war-machine!


It would have been very helpful to include the particulars of the proposal. I’m sure they are heinous, but knowing the specifics better enables me to understand and communicate with others what is going on.


In the mean time ICE has threatened - please note that now ICE is not sanctioned when it threatens a constitutionally protected action by a state governor - “collateral arrests”.


SM is DJT’s boy who would eat the despot’s poo were it to endear him even more to the putrid p***k, which keeps him (SM) in the demon’s plus-side pile of knob polishers. Miller’s ugly makes Frankenstein’s Igor look like a GQ model.