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Trump Proposed Trading 'Poor' Puerto Ricans for Greenland After Hurricane Maria Devastation, Former DHS Official Says

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/trump-proposed-trading-poor-puerto-ricans-greenland-after-hurricane-maria


Yeah, like we needed more evidence of trump’s mental shortcomings. That was identified long ago.

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Guess Trump figured since Greenland was a colony of Denmark, that it was full of nice white people. No clue that it’s home to Inuit peoples and only a few nice white people, who are at the US base in Thule, polluting the whole place.


the president’s desire to buy Greenland from Denmark, a proposal one Danish official called “final proof that he has gone mad.”

Trump has made the country I love the laughing stock of the world and is an embarrassment to me that is just beyond belief!

I am an Alaskan resident and since Trump is such good friends with Putin, it would not surprise me that if he could, he would tell Putin Alaska is for sale, and would sell it back to Russia after all it did belong to Russia at one time and borders Russia.

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Clinton Foundation still there? What did they do for the country way back when it was devasted by a hurricane? I guess nothing to secure the island against further disasters! Just for our corporations to go in and exploit? Why in the hell aren’t they using solar panels for their electrical needs?


D.C. is a really dirty place, a real s#!Ă·hole. Maybe we could trade it. Mogadishu would be an improvement.

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Sell an island? Buy an island???

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Seems like you had a cloudier and cooler summer than usual even for Alaska (weather watching my hobby). As if Covid-19, Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan CHump tRump, and climate change aren’t enough to confront.

Yes, thanks for your reply.

Trump thinks PR is dirty. Many Americans agree. Meanwhile, the US stole a pristine land from Native Americans, and has polluted its water, land, and air. In addition, the areas around our 900 military bases are notorious for chemical contamination, refuse, and crime. The US has also contaminated the Bikini atoll with radiation from nuclear weapons testing that will remain contaminated for thousands of years. The degree of hypocrisy that the US government operates with is mind bogglingly stupid.


It seems to me trump blithely tossing out second rate paper towels and toilet paper to a devastated population was the high water mark of his tenure as president.

Haaa… I’d forgotten about that episode.

Just thinking about it makes me laugh a little, but not in a good way. It almost doesn’t seem real.

Aahh, but it’s strategic and profitable from the standpoint of the warmongering US Empire


D.C. is underwater in every sense of the word. ~https://mashable.com/article/washington-dc-floods-storm-video-photos/ First photo of DC park bench underwater is from 7/8/19, when Fort Detrick also flooded. You know, Fort Detrick where they do bat coronavirus research. The place the CDC shut down just after this flood…

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