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Trump Proposes Changes to Asylum Rules That Stand to 'Practically Write the Refugee Definition Out of Existence'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/11/trump-proposes-changes-asylum-rules-stand-practically-write-refugee-definition-out

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No doubt he will stir up more xenophobia/hatred/racism here:


Trump, Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP want to maximize the success of autocrats in nations across the world and accelerate the dawn of a new dark age.

Consigning the concept and legality of asylum to history is a major leap forward in creating a global neofeudal paradise for the 1%, a dark age nightmare for the rest of us.


Between the lines

Give me your tired
I will put them in sweatshops
Give me your poor
I will steal from them
Huddled masses yearning…
I will choke them till they stop


Load up the mayflower

This smells like Trump’s ‘bigot in chief’, Stephen Miller’s doings. He’s so anti-immigrant/asylum that he gets proposals that under ordinary circumstances would be laughed out of the office. He just adds to Trump’s inherent racist biases which gives us the inhumane treatment of immigrants and controlling the number of asylum seekers at a minimum. The dark ages are descending upon all of us this decade, which promises to be a doozy.


Uncharted waters turn out to be shark-filled, of the human kind. It’s had to think of Biden as anyone’s savior. I am starting to believe that, although I am in the most at risk for Covid, I am not in the most dangerous demographic for the police state. This time, I may decide my choice in voting based on what I hear from those most at risk.

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And Lady Liberty’s tears are inundating her Statue of Liberty.

Careful. They claim “God is on their side.” Therefore they get to demand the outcomes of greed, quality of life, procreation, war, and the hoarding of money.
The self righteous shall inherit the earth after they destroy it.

Trump’s mandates are doubly troubling because while he denies other people rights, he walks all over the rules and regulations that HE is supposed to follow.