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Trump Proves Record-Level Ignorance Regarding Ice Caps, Climate Crisis

Trump Proves Record-Level Ignorance Regarding Ice Caps, Climate Crisis

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though ultimately difficult to prove whether it is President Donald Trump's willful misstatement of facts and reality or just the expression of his outright ignorance and stupidity, scientists and climate experts were forced to gasp at just how little the president appears to understand about the threat of human-caused global warming when he suggested to British interviewer Piers Morgan the polar ice caps were doing great.

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The corporate predator’s wet dream.

Just as there is socialism for the .1% and predatory capitalism for the rest of us, while they shovel the facade of demonization of the same, there is a fact-free solipsistic (self-referential) delusion that the actual balance of the planet will not be destroyed by the consequences.

Its very important not to let one’s mind and heart resonate with the demonization machine - and first it must be recognized that these are the ‘trump’ cards being played over and over and over again - so that any truths caught up in any give dealing of the cards retain their integrity. I tend to counter with drawing analogy of capacities something along the lines of the dynamics ofmycelium.

By the same token Clinton and the “awards” bullshit is a prime example of the cesspool being flooded.

Sociocracy vests power in the “socius,” the companions, the people who regularly interact with one another and have a common aim. Decisions are made in consultation with each other, in consideration of the needs of each person in the context of the aims of the organization.

By contrast, democracy vests power in the “demos,” in the population, without respect to their understanding of the issues or of each other. In a democracy, the majority of the “demos” can ignore the minority of the “demos” when they make decisions. This inevitably produces factions and conflict rather than harmony. It encourages people to build alliances, trade favors, and think politically rather than achieving the aims of the organization.

An autocracy vests power in one person or set of persons, an “auto" that can ignore the rest of the organization and make decisions without consultation. This discourages the development of leadership and creative ideas in the organization. This can also produce bad decisions because other members of the organization are afraid to share negative information. While some associations are democratic, most are autocratic with power vested in a board of directors. Employees and members alike can be ignored. Non-profits, like businesses, are almost exclusively autocratic.

In a sociocratic organization, whether it is a business, an association, or a community, power is vested in all members of the organization. Each person has the power and responsibility to make the decisions that govern their own participation in the organization.


The first paragraph poses the usual question regarding Trump: Is he a liar or just plain stupid?

The answer, of course, is “both.”


Again, Trump is not a scientist.

He’s a Pathological Liar. That’s a fact.


I see trump is still busy “Making America Great Again.” What a freaking embarrassing moroon we have for a “president.”

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Christ, isn’t there anybody in this WH that can shut this idiotic moron up?? Every time he opens his mouth he embarrasses the US further. Muzzle the motherfucker.

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Equally disturbing is that ‘full’ interviews presented on ABC and CNBC make no mention of the global warming topic in the Piers Morgan interview.
When will the MSM be called on their willful censoring of the effects of climate change/global warming by U.S. government polices.

There might be copy of a video somewhere but I have given up after suffering through two “full” interviews in a vain attempt of seeing the President’s actual quote.

If someone knows of a video or audio clip showing this please reply with its web address.



No. Encourage him. The more he talks, the more he shows us how far this country has deviated from intelligence, decency, reality. He implicates the Republicans by their attaching themselves to him, the Democrats by their small, weak, token resistance to him (and not-infrequent acquiescence and even agreement), and the economic system and its managers and beneficiaries by its and their aggrandizement under his policies. This is where, and to a great extent who we are now. The world sees it; we have been blind to it. It’s time to wake up and look it all straight in the face. Keep foaming, Donald.


I found a 60 minute long version of the interview at ITV but found that one cannot view it unless you create an an account. Account registration failed because the form requires a British mail code. My U.S. mail code is not accepted. So it seems this video which is 60 minutes in length, a full 16 minutes longer than ‘full’ interview videos found to date, is not for U.S. consumption.


Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance can get you killed. His ignorance could cause the death of many. His ignorance is a direct threat to sanity and global well-being. I fear his intelligence is that of a zygote.


The Knuckle-Dragger-in-Chief is so uninformed and is a man who does not believe in science. As Dan_Harris correctly stated, Physics does not lie. And the Arctic Sea Ice is at a record low, especially in regards to volume. There is no longer any old, dense sea ice left. Once the ice is gone, the Earth will rapidly warm further taking us permanently to a new Climate State. Human extinction is coming in the near term…


Great analysis !

In the interview what Trump says about the ice caps is meant for his political base. It is the same reason Senator Inhofe declared global warming to be a hoax on floor of the Senate and once brought a snowball into the Senate to prove there was no global warming. This is of course a move toward fascism where there is no objective truth, but whatever the leader says is what matters. Trump’s statement wasn’t based on ignorance or stupidity it was a willful misstatement. Had he given the scientific facts it would have hurt him politically. There is nothing much we can do now except elect as many Democrats as we can in November and then if Trump remains in office and runs in 2020 elect his Democratic opponent. We simply have to defeat the fascists at the polls before they turn this into a dictatorship.

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Because there was no climate change under Democrats. Because there was no increase in oil drilling and spilling under Obama.

Oh, right, there was, but not as much. Lesser evil…


Bullshit! Lurx is here with his endless disempowerment and diversion.

Aside from the plain fact of decades-long DNC / Democratic Party complicity with massive ecological destruction, fossil fuels, financial looters and war-mongers:

There is a lot more than just electoral politics that we can do. Limiting your view of human personal and social power to the narrow confines of the voting booth, is just what the looters and polluters, the plutocrats and war-mongers want you to do.


Sadly, you are correct.

You seem to have a problem with spelling. Lurx? Wrong. Where did you get your degree? Trump University?

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We do not have a CHINESE HOAX; but we do have an AMERICAN PRESIDENT’S HOAX!

It’s always hard to know what Trump does or does not actually believe in. He has a long record of puking out whatever he thinks his fan base wants to hear. He’s been on both sides of a ton of issues over the years–several of them indicating he’s not quite as stupid as people think (but man, I’d love to get a third party IQ test on the sucker!)–so I don’t take his opinions seriously. It’s the opinions of the people who have his ear on a daily basis that appear to matter most. Trump has buckled on several issues primarily due to intense pressure from neocons with access to his cabinet as well as neoliberals who have been on the relentless personal attack from day one via the Democrats and their media allies.

Trump isn’t our problem here, believe it or not (or, at least, the biggest one): it’s the corporate leadership that drives his agenda that is. Businesses have to be persuaded that for once they need to look past quarterlies. Some already are. But we’re still not getting pressure on the sectors that matter, especially energy. They know this is all real. But we have to find a way to make them act on it.


Chris Hedges latest, incisive piece pretty much answers your question and more with his analysis of how the u.s. projectile vomited trump. He nails it:

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