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Trump Proves Record-Level Ignorance Regarding Ice Caps, Climate Crisis

The Moon is made of green cheese.

See Hedges piece posted above (hard to miss it :scream: given the link is massive—my apologies!)

MSM has been “called on their willful censoring” by media outlets that are not corporate. There in lies the predicament when it comes to disseminating truth/fact telling in the midst of an oligarchy morphing into fascism. (or a combo???): https://www.thoughtco.com/totalitarianism-authoritarianism-fascism-4147699
Will it help if we name this monster?

And here’s the source:


As of January 29, 2018 the arctic sea ice extent is in record low territory, about 1 million square kilometers short of normal.

100 years from now perhaps a teraton of greenhouse gases will be released from the Arctic, if this trend continues. The world can’t afford this release. We need to reverse this trend with the following:

A. Wind-powered artificial snowmaking machines on the tundra to restore the Arctic’s natural albedo in early fall and in late spring,

B. Wind-powered thermal transfer devices to move heat from the top 100 feet of the ocean into the Arctic winter, or

C. Wind-powered pumps to transfer seawater onto the top of the ice in the Arctic winter. Fresh water crystals will crystallize out of the seawater in the below-zero cold, creating ice. The remaining ocean brine will find cracks in the ice and sink back into the ocean.

Oh if only more people would pay attention to your last, unfinished sentence we might just…

I hate to say it but although worthy the solutions proposed are pipe-dreams, they will never happen. Mankind is reactive not proactive.


It was already too late when rump took office. I wish tears and activism had been enough. Good luck, people.


For the survival of our grand children and their children we must remove this imbecile and all of his imbecilic anthropomorphic climate change deniers from ALL seats of power and authority. At this point I don’t give a rats ass how we do it, let’s just do it.

how hard is this to understand…the ocean warms up, the ice melts more and more.

Oklahoma’s Senator Inhofe has rotted his brain with too much white lighting. What an abysmal fool.

Sociocracy is the what Native Americans used. But instead of learning from them we are now on the trail of tears, all of us.

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yes, from my state so i am really “proud”

Just keep us aware of what we are dealing with: over on the daily caller a commenter explained Trump by saying that he didn’t say record high, only record level. This somehow proved that scientists and liberals were fools.

It should read …

… “Trump’s willful outright ignorance and stupidity …” …

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Plus, he’s a f–g moron

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And I bet our I-Did-It-All-in-Chief will take credit for it the Ice caps “doing great”, too!