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Trump Push for 'Middle Class' Tax Cut Ahead of 2020 Derided as Admission That 'His First Tax Cut Was a Scam'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/13/trump-push-middle-class-tax-cut-ahead-2020-derided-admission-his-first-tax-cut-was

I’m still awaiting my Reagan ‘middle class’ (now the middle poor) tax cut. The same thing happened then as with Trump’s so called middle class tax cut. The vulgar rich got really vulgar rich and the working class got the shaft as usual.


On one of my flights across Bolivia I sat a couple of rows behind the former president of the country. (There is no first class in Bolivia.) How long would Dirty Donnie last in a similar fate? Yep. Let’s have lunch…

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Another round of “drowning the government in a bathtub”, while making the rich, richer. It wont be long until every basic thing you do in this country, eat, breath, taking a drink of water, will amount to risking your death to increase corporate profits. This country, for the 99%. is teetering on 3rd world status, more tax cuts could push us over that edge.


I’d rather see that money spent over the course of the next 4 years in investigations of all of Congress, into any corruption they’ve been party to.

Not just broom clean, Spic and Span clean.

The US is hemorrhaging money, we have a debt we can barely service, let alone pay off and they’re talking about a tax cut? How very Trumpian. Reminds me of the homecoming parade where they throw out salt water taffy.

Well yeah, that’s how they pull their scam. “Reduce taxes” then complain about how social programs are too expensive and start cutting those. That’s how they wage their war on the people. Meanwhile, the military budget keeps going up.


Too bad rump supporters are smart enough to realize they are being scammed by their darling president.

Trump supporters smart? What are you smoking or drinking??

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You got me there.