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Trump Quietly Slashed Pay Raise for Federal Workers a Day Before Claiming US Economy Is Best 'In History'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/12/trump-quietly-slashed-pay-raise-federal-workers-day-claiming-us-economy-best-history


I thought congress held the purse strings. Doesn’t this have to pass through there?
So holding workers to no gain, then no more than keeping even, isn’t enough. We have to be swallowed up by a capitalistic country we can no longer keep up with. Now we’re all up a creek.


A little more insight into the guy all my Trumpster friends support:

“I have determined that for 2021 the across-the-board base pay increase will be limited to 1.0%,” Trump said in a message to Congress on Monday. “This alternative pay plan decision will not materially affect our ability to attract and retain a well‑qualified federal workforce.”

Just a day after his message to Congress, Trump tweeted, “BEST USA ECONOMY IN HISTORY!”

Those quoted in the article claim that it is contradictory to cut wages and then say that the economy is great. However, if you are a business person- especially one such as Trump, then it should be clear that this is not at ALL a contradiction! Read what he said:

“This alternative pay plan decision will not materially affect our ability to attract and retain a well‑qualified federal workforce.”

When you have the workers by the balls and you can squeeze them as hard as you want, knowing that you’ve got them, then OF COURSE it’s great for the economy- the economy of the wealthy, that is. Look at what the stock market does when a company freezes wages or lays people off. It goes UP!!!

Yes, my Trumpster friends. This is the kind of guy you admire so deeply. And I feel sorrier for you than I do for him.


One more example of Conservatism causes Americans to hurt, suffer, and destroys our economy.

Oh, and anybody who doesn’t think raising working folks wages is bad, our current economy has shown growth, though small, because of areas in America that have adopted that law to raise minimum wages for these same people. And that was done years ago, NOT with Combover Caligula. Fyi any right-wing out there.


This should really please those CHINESE-MADE MAGA hat wearers!
More for those dribbling idiots to praise their Massa for!


The only time I will likely agree with Trump … US Economy is Best ‘In History’ for the vulgar rich.
Finkstien or whatever the name of former CEO at Goldman Sucks says Bernie will ruin OUR economy. Yeah, you dip stick that is the plan.


Sorry, djprof, I “feel sorry” for neither. May they all get the Instant Karma they deserve and go broke, get sick, and croak a horrible uninsured disease. Yeah. I’m a fucking HATEFUL “Bernie Bro”! If that’s what they want to call me, I’ll perform it for them!


Hope that Nevada Culinary Union which is actively working against the Sanders Campaign takes notice. No other candidate in the race has been more consistently pro-labor.


Please donate whatever you can as Nevada is coming up and so is Super Tuesday! Thanks.





I Have yet to meet someone who has found themselves substantially better off due to this “best economy in history”. Of course I don’t hang around with billionaires all that much.


The idiocy that reaganomics represents has been well documented. Handing out tax breaks for the wealthy expecting to do something useful with it is a pipe dream. The only affect the last trillion dollar tax break inspired the corporate interests to buy back their stock. I just gotta point out that this helps no one but corporate interests. I hear that the trumpster is thinking another tax cut would be just the ticket.


We may not be invited to the party, but every time they give rich people a gift they give the rest of us the bill. Cheers!


Retribution, as well.

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The “Best Economy” in his own reality TV show mind.

Federal workers----wouldn’t Congress be considered federal workers as they work in the capitol and they are supposed to be working for the benefit of all?----aAthough, Congress sets for its own day raise, Who in the government decided that any president was worth $400,000 per year?

Trump is an @sshole.


If only everybody in the country could afford to go on strike or just not show up for work for a month.
The economy would come to a grinding halt.
The idiot republicans thought that their dear leader has learned his lesson and would behave himself.
They will never learn.


Okay… this is one of those “way out there ideas” but how about we crowdsource the funding for rolling blackouts in one industry at a time? One week or month it would be transportation industries, the next food service, the next infotainment staff (camera, crew, etc.)…… and on and on.

GoFundMe the revolution.

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Right after killing “entitlement” programs.
Billionaire Translation: The poor feel they are “entitled” to survive.

MY translation: The billionaires feel “entitled” to tax breaks, power, and a separate justice system.


I got a $2.70/ month raise of my social security. Thought I could go buy a latte every other month. Then my supplemental insurance went up $14/month. So much for my caffeine dreams.