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Trump Quietly Slashed Pay Raise for Federal Workers a Day Before Claiming US Economy Is Best 'In History'

Thanks Giovanna! The mob/Culinary Union bosses and DNC are working overtime lying to the people! Lies about health-care coverage and costs, wages, candidates and the most critical election (not including 2016) of our lives and time, to serve the status-quo!

The Culinary Union is moat women and Latino workers and Sanders has been working for them , not union bosses!

All those that do not work for the reforms and agenda that serve the people rather than vast wealth and power should be challenged by union rank and file, and if bosses still refuse to serve their workers, be removed from power.

The smarmy BS comments by mayo Pete that Bernie’s commitment (to workers and families) to Universal not-for-profit Single-Payer health insurance coverage is “either my way or the highway” is a BS lie and deceit from “pete” to frighten people!

Standing up to power and usury is what Bernie does - defending the people/workers/families, something that “Pete” apparently does not get, or worse probably, as well as union bosses and Pete spread that same deception about Bernie!

BERNIE 2020!


Notice the repeated record highs of the stock market after yet another round of massive tax cuts for the richest. The richest are the ones who own most of the stock, so naturally, if they get more money, their assets will become more valuable, a type of built in asset inflation. Since most Americans will never see a certificate of a single stock these record highs are illusory as to the health of the economy. What is good for the stock market is NOT generally good for the common working people.
But reason and critical examination mean nothing in a fascist zero sum game dystopian nation.
trump is winning. I am very disheartened.


Without “harshness” and anger, showing PASSION, then what will happen? A roll over and rub my belly with platitudes ain’t acceptable given the FOUL state of the union!

Obviously those would need to be worked out. I picture it like rolling blackouts, funded by the citizens and a few rich we can guilt into joining us. And there are a few that might.

It wouldn’t have to be everyone at once. Hit key spots when it will have the most impact. Like the party convention. Think how difficult it would be if the lights went out… or the sprinkler system went off and there was no one that knew how to stop it. Taxi drivers just left their cars in the middle of the streets and walked home blocking all entry/exit points.

Kind of fun to imagine the possibilities!

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IMO they need to blow this up to the American public.

If Trump’s economy is “the best it’s ever been” (we know is a lie), and he is still going to make cuts to benefits and deny raises then when is he ever going to help Americans? By promising a middle class tax cut that could have just as easily been enacted in the first term, before the rich tax cuts? And what will that do? Further explode the budget deficit. It’s just another lie that will translate into another failed campaign promise. Middle class voters don’t want tax cuts for themselves. They want Healthcare. They want infrastructure and an economy that doesn’t rely on predatory practices.

So which is it? Does Trump think only he and his rich buddies deserve raises after outspending Obama at the golf course 3 times over or is it all just a bunch of lies about how ‘great’ our economy is doing.

If trickle down worked - Bernie would have zero appeal. All these guys complain Sanders is a socialist, but - guys like Lloyd Blankfein aren’t capitalists. Capitalism relies on free markets which we don’t have. In that sense, Sanders is more capitalist than they are when he talks about regulation and the nature of anti-trust (which needs to be brought more into focus as well) - which truly was something that made this country great and is a very “American” quality. Bloomberg has paid already over 300 Million in ads alone this election and admitted to saying he is willing to pay up to 2 Billion dollars to defeat Trump. Congress had to fight to get 12 million to fix Flint which didn’t fix shit. On top of that Bloomberg donated to the campaign of Rick Snyder after he caused the crisis by freaking out about the budget and demanding they switch to the cheaper more lead-tainted way of poisoning their constituents. How much did Blankfein gain in the housing crash and resultant bailout following 2008???

Cheating tax codes and lobbying congress to drown out citizens voices, monopolies and mega-mergers, Martin Shkreli, Stealing Pensions, - this is not Capitalism - its Oligarchy. This is why Sanders is essentially the most Capitalist person running, imo. - I mean maybe Warren beat him there, but she should have run against Hillary in '16 and stood up to the rest of the establishment the way she did wall street and she could have been great. I have no f-ing clue what she thinks she’s doing at this point in time but it’s not helping and it is clear to most of us that she will never stand up to the establishment the way Sanders will. Sanders needs all the delegates he can get to avoid the DNC screwing with the superdelegates. It’s not that we want to attack any of the other campaigns, if the DNC ran a fair process we wouldn’t be stressing the point which we have all been more than vindicated for by this point in time, but Warren failing to realize this… it’s just not passing with me. She knows what she is doing. Sad really, she really ended her run.

All the appeal that Trump had to people who lost manufacturing jobs for example, Bernie has all of that plus more. He beats Trump on all of that, plus more. Even Trump in his SOTU said Sanders was good on trade.

Look, we get that Pelosi sucks, and you guys hate Hillary and the corrupt Democrats… we do too! Look at how they are screwing Bernie, but Bernie is not them and neither are we so help us get the right anti-establishment candidate in there that is really going to start championing all of us instead of bragging/lying about how great everything is.

Trump might be able to beat up on the crooked democrats a little bit more but in the process he, with the prolific help of DNC, is destroying faith in all governing institutions, and making a mess of just about everything. There is going to eventually be some form of “Obama-esque” backlash for that. So again, Trumphumpers, all of that can be avoided by simply electing Sanders now. There won’t be another one and you won’t have another chance to clean the democratic swamp the way everyone from the DNC to MSNBC knows will happen if Sanders wins. It would be more beneficial to republicans if Sanders won than Trump, if Trump wins Dems get more -Pelosi-ish. If Sanders win, the democrats become less Clinton/Pelosi and in the meantime congress can still block any of his proposals should they be too socialist/ insane/ unrealistic. Why everyone suddenly forgets that is beyond me.

On top of that, he will balance the budget, get you a raise and create jobs through his green new deal initiative. FDR’s CCC program was very popular and successful. These are real solutions unlike bailing out farmers with socialism, I mean, where is the consistency?

He is the one. Bernie Fucking Sanders. That’s where the consistency is.


The only things “The Resistance” resists are Truth and Democracy, but that’s always been the American Way.

Not being able to make a case to impeach this guy shows just how unfit for service are the elected Democrat contingent. Why do democrats hire these folks? Why haven’t they been fired long ago?

Not quite Ron. A bit south of that number.

Who decides what is “useful”?

No problem. Just find a better job.