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Trump Raises Alarm by Praising Chinese President's Power Grab at Private Mar-a-Lago Fundraiser


Trump Raises Alarm by Praising Chinese President's Power Grab at Private Mar-a-Lago Fundraiser

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While President Donald Trump earned some laughs at a D.C. dinner on Saturday—in his words, "nobody does self-deprecating humor better than I do"—ethics experts warn his commentary earlier in the day, praising the Chinese president's power grab, was no laughing matter.


Removal of term limits–sounds OK to me–how about prisoner for life Donald?


I didn’t think there was still a question that Trump wants to be a dictator and that many of his most ardent supporters want a dictatorship. The Trump rallies were similar to fascist rallies in Europe. He claimed he could do everything just like a typical fascist speaker. There is tremendous anger out there in America that democracy has created a country with far too many non-whites and that it is too secular. People believe only a dictator can create a whiter more Christian country and certainly it is obvious that democracy will not bring that about.


In fact the Chinese President is a lot more constrained than his US counterpart and his performance is carefully monitored by the various power centres of which he is a part. As to the man’s track record…well, you make the comparisons-there isn’t a US President in living memory who comes close to the man’s experience and abilities.
The problem with general elections is that the US intervenes in them wherever they occur, running the gamut from sponsoring opposition candidates, wrecking economies via sanctions and ‘colour revolutions’ to assassinations, guerrilla wars (hi there Damascus!) and Allende or Suharto style coups. To many foreigners holding an election is like waving a red flag at the CIA/MSM bull-an invitation to violence,corruption and tsunamis of foul propaganda.


As bad (for the 99%) the US duopoly is, it is still better than the dictatorship envisioned by Trump, the GOP.

Trump’s band of pirates have projected Goebbels’ play book ever since Trump descended the golden stairway announcing his POTUS candidacy.


Even though Trump was joking, he belongs in an insane asylum before it is too late to remove him from office.


Xi is a master politician and leader who was elected on and who has been fighting corruption in the system from day one. Trump is an orange buffoon who is a tool of the corporate fascists and an embarrassment to all. One thing is for sure, after how badly we have fucked this country up I feel none of us as the right to judge how anybody else chooses to run their country.


Time for a “Massive” Citizens Arrest!

Who’s comin’ with me?


Shantiananda, Trump isn’t any more insane then you or I am. He is however a arrogant narcissist asshole conman. I think he is also a symbol of our collective horror at what we have allowed this country to become. People want him put away so they can forget the collective role we the people have in allowing someone like him to become the President. We are embarrassed and ashamed and we damn well should be…Just sayin:)


He was joking, right? RIGHT??? :grimacing:



Narcissism is considered a mental disorder, i.e. as close to insanity as you can get.


I appreciate your enthusiasm. For what it’s worth you can count on me…but I don’t think we will get very far on our own. It isn’t until people really have no other choice that they will rebel. When the hunger sets in charging the guns doesn’t look quite so suicidal. We are not there yet, but we damn sure are getting there quickly. It takes a while for an empire to fall. But fall it will…it is inevitable as the pain and suffering we will all experience when it finally does. Peace:)


That’s better!


So, you support dictatorships rather than free and fair elections?


Does it make any difference who the president of china is? Does anything ever change there?


True,I agree like someone once said: America has the government it deserves. But I do not agree that he does not belong to be committed to an institution!


I’m not sure about you’re assessment of his mental capacity. He has been pampered his whole life, and never had the external pressures he faces as president. His inner core group is crumbling around him, and the voices in his head are getting louder and louder. We might get to see the first president taken out in a straight jacket. I just hope they get Pence too.

PonyBoy, like Dan, I don’t think we’re there yet, but when we are I’ll be at the front of the pack.


This Duopoly has given rise to this So-called President and this Congress, so once we correct the wrongs they have committed over the decades, We the People must form “New” political parties Of the People, For the People, and By the People.

We must never again give the MIC the reins to our Democracy.

Peace and Love must rule our lives.


The Patriot Act and the NDAA are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution. The 22nd Amendment which sets term limits for the presidency is subject to this as well. All it will take to ‘change’ the 22nd Amendment is a huge (possibly fabricated) internal or external event to justify action on changing this Amendment.


I saw this on the web earlier and it went right to the front-page of my site. I believe that those who swore to uphold the Constitution will have a say in a life long ruler. It ain’t gonna happen, not unless there is an out right coup from all of MIC. That being said, this parade of his bothers me. I have said it before, something isn’t right, it just doesn’t feel good. Too many weapons and personal in D.C. at one time for me. I’m spooked. The thing about China is that man has spent his life in party politics. He is a master politician, trump is not. If trump really wanted to over throw America, he would be doing things in a much different way. For one, his staff would stay home instead of wandering off.

That and Not During My Time On This Planet!!!