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Trump Rebuked for 'Breathtakingly Vicious' Plan for Fossil Fuel Lease Sale in California Amid Historic Trump Rebuked for 'Breathtakingly Vicious' Plan for Fossil Fuel Lease Sales in California Amid Historic Wildfires

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/28/trump-rebuked-breathtakingly-vicious-plan-fossil-fuel-lease-sale-california-amid

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Don’t y’all EVER get tired of simply repeating that this will all be over when “we” dump Trump? DNC™ just LOVES Trump! Podesta chose Trump, Liberal media SOLD Trump… all 70’s yuppie fetishes; from GoreTex, Teflon, PolarTec & Marmot microfiber… are from fracked CA wells. It waters Wonderful pistacios & POM, your “organic” kale… to stop Trump’s hate-filled racist, fascist insanity, we’ll need actual journalism.

PG&E was able to draft CA. regulatory policy for HOW long?






Yeah, there’s no real difference between trump, his mental illnesses & his handlers like steven miller, who he brings with him, .and the biden’harris ticket and who they bring with them - no real difference.



…yet this also happened recently…

Cognitive dissonance?

Exxon Mobil dropped from the Dow after nearly a century

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Seen from a certain perspective, we continue to welcome our demise by allowing DT to remain in the country, let alone run for another term.

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Indeed. And reneging on his promise, Newsom has allowed dozens of new fracking permits since taking over from Oily Brown.


It should be remembered that a close minority of republicans dwell in Cal. That might say something about being pro fracking. But trump may be just doing this to rile the “Democratic State” of California.

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I live in Kern County. Lack of water is a problem both in Kern County and the rest of California. Fracking requires a lot of water so both the state of California and the Federal government better make sure there is enough water for our cities and even farming. California has been in a drought for a long time. That is why we have all these wild fires.

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Ignore the fool. Take him out at the polls.