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Trump Rebuked for Lashing Out at San Juan Mayor Who Criticized Govt Aid Efforts


Trump Rebuked for Lashing Out at San Juan Mayor Who Criticized Govt Aid Efforts

President Donald Trump

"Doesn't matter if you're desperate and dying—if Trump feels criticized, he will lash out," noted one critic after the president tweeted about Puerto Rico


Typical for a Heartless Heathen.

The sooner he is eliminated, the better.


One thing Trump is good at is projecting. When he claims San Juan’s mayor and others have demonstrated “poor leadership ability,” he’s running away from his own painfully obvious shortcomings. When he accuses Puerto Ricans of being deadbeats, his own serial bankruptcies are staring back at him. And what could have been going through his mind as he kept repeating the phrase “crooked Hillary” during the 2016 campaign?

Thankfully, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must be to live inside that head.


Each day, this vile filth reaches what one would think is the absolute nadir of comptemtibleness. But then, the next day, he descends to even deeper depths.

Surely, he now deep enough to feel the flames of hell licking at his ankles. May the earth soon be rid of this scourge.


If there is any good that can come from this disaster, let us hope that it will be the cause of his removal from office.


“Trump’s tweets about Puerto Rico today show again that we are dealing with a narcissistic sociopath, a clinically deranged individual.”

Jeffrey Sachs makes a good point. There is not much we can do politically about Trump because it doesn’t get at the clinical core of the problem. And there there isn’t much he can do himself other than seek therapy. He seems to be basically a mentally ill person with more power to destroy than anyone else in the world. The mayor of San Juan said the lack of response could become close to genocide. That is about as strong language as you can use to get a response but still Trump seems more interested in attacking her than saving lives. By apparently being unable to be a responsible president because of his mental issues Trump poses a threat to almost countless people throughout the world. Yet despite this more 80% of Republicans still support him and may will continue to support him no matter how much harm he does. Or do Republicans have a point where they draw the line? So far they haven’t.


Its only Puerto Rico, if it was a wealthy state with large Anglo population and a Mra lago hotel under water, the response would have been overwhelmingly swift.


I agree this man is critically ill and needs treatment along with most of his supporters.


the only way for him to get treatment is for his family to intervene…and they suffer from Stockholm Syndrome


Sociopaths - like others with dangerous personality disorders - don’t seek therapy. They regard themselves as optimal super-men (sociopathy is primarily found in males only) in the Ayn-Randian sense (herself a rare female case). They have no conscience, compassion, nor do they ever feel shame or remorse. And, there is no known effective therapy for a sociopath anyway, except their removal from society in a humane manner (in tribal societies an “accident” would be arranged for such individuals). For most, street-level, sociopaths, this happens through the criminal justice syatem.

However, wealthier-silver-spoon sociopaths use their ruthlessness to accumulate vast amounts of economic power - and so they become ensconced at the top of many corporations. However, in the case of Trump, his sociopathy is so bad that he is incapable of tolerating even the minor subordination to board members and shareholders needed to run a corporation, hence he runs the solely owned “Trump Organization” that more resembles a organized criminal cosa nostra than a business.


What more proof does one need that Trump is an insane, sociopath and desperately needs psychiatric help!

My warning! If Trump not removed from office soon, I predict we are looking at a nuclear war…no doubt about it in my mind! But of course, hope like hell that I am wrong! But this senile, psychopath, old man scares the hell out of me!


No projecting going on here. Projection is an evasive psychological mechanism that implies a conscience. Sociopaths don’t have a conscience.

The reason he accused the Puertoriqueña/os of being deadbeats is far simpler - the vile racist sociopath Trump regards them as no-good lazy “spicks”.


Republicans draw lines. You and I, and nearly 100% of American citizens, will be on the wrong side of that line. They are a one-trick pony – more wealth for the wealthy, everyone else can go to Hell. And to achieve that end, there is apparently no bottom to which a republican can sink nor any harm too great. The republican party is the greatest threat to American democracy and to the well-being of people everywhere that this country has ever produced. Trump is the living, breathing avatar of the republican party - a party of malignant sociopaths. As for Trump himself it is instructive to view old newsreels of Mussolini. I would swear that Trump practices in front of a mirror to ape Mussolini’s behavior in front of a crowd. As for his mind-set, Trump is an out-and-out republican without the veneer republicans put on to get folks to believe that the shit they are being served is actually sirloin.


Donald J. Trump is unfit to serve, unfit to serve, unfit to serve, unfit to serve, unfit to serve, unfit to serve, unfit to serve, unfit to serve, unfit to serve…as are 2/3 of his cabinet members.


" Sociopaths-like others with dangerous personality disorders don’t seek therapy."

Unfortunately true. Because they tend to be self-righteous, ego maniacs and cannot stand criticism, so it seems to me, until congress quits being cowardly and removes this most dangerous sociopath from office, there is not much hope because like Nixon who resigned, Trump will never resign!


The elimination should be by declaring him insane and putting him in a maximum security asylum. I’m already worrying that the CIA will have him martyred to be a rallying point for all the nasties (and Nazis, but I repeat myself) in this country who approve of what he is doing.


Unfortunately, the Democrats are nothing to write home about, either.


At least the 80% of President Chump supporters are separating themselves from the rest of dignified human beings. How nice of them to sort themselves out and separate themselves from human beings who have sincere and deep compassion for our brothers and sisters from around the globe. Much easier to focus on the sickest of the breed now.


I am a ‘heathen’,
if you mean by that term non-Christian, non-religious. I’ll have you know, that there is a lot less dirt in our path than in Christianity, fundamental or even traditional, which have amassed untold riches, - ostentatiously displayed in churches and cathedrals-, on the blood, sweat and tears of the common folks in the past.
That is almost precisely the pattern Trump and GOP cohorts are following now.
We “heathens” are trying to correct that in cooperation with other progressives.


Trump needs a mental illness named after him.