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Trump Refuses to Commit to Peaceful Transition of Power, Saying He Will 'Have to See What Happens'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/trump-refuses-commit-peaceful-transition-power-saying-he-will-have-see-what-happens


What ON EARTH has happened to this nation??

The sitting President questions the validity of an election yet to be held??

The THREAT alone should be some justification for REMOVAL.

After all, it is a threat to our Constitution!What


We are already in a civil war. It has been declared and things are about to get even uglier than they are today. I know I feel like fighting every time I have to just go to the grocery store.

Dahr Jamail recently wrote that America is a low-level war zone right now, similar to war zones he saw as a journalist. I noticed that. I noticed it in myself. It’s a zombie apocalypse out there. You just never know when you will catch a deadly disease or meet violence while you’re out trying to find something at Kroger that may or may not be there anymore.


As those paying attention would expect him to say, as most politicians in the District of Columbia seem absolutely terrified of this thug. He brings out a club and the mealy-mouthed, tepid and timid Democrats bring out a twig.


But before that transition of power takes place an election would have to be held. And with the intimidation tactics being used by Trump supporters in Fairfax, Va. against voters, that can be a precursor for what may happen in the days and weeks ahead before the election. Then there is Trump banging on about alleged irregularity of voting by mail even though there is scant evidence that this is the case. All this goes to show that Trump is pulling out all the stops in order, like a dictator from a banana republic country, to remain in power.

It will be almost stunning if the 2020 presidential election ever takes place given the threats of voter suppression which will undoubtedly take place at the voting stations this November.


Um, I guess I must have grown up in a little bit different world. If a president would have said such a thing in the past - if this report is truly accurate - he would have faced immediate repercussions. It’s a lot more impeachment material than some vague phone calls to Ukraine. Ignoring the election results and the constitution. Hmm. Let me think. Actually, there have long been a lot more grounds for impeachment than the intentionally limited Ukraine affair, but the “Democrats” are a bunch of chickenshit posers who are just playing the game. And the people.


No kidding; I just said the same.

Yes it should.
I’m wondering if the Secret service, CIA, Military would stand for it. There has to be some Americans in that bunch


Vote early.


It’s Pelosi. It’s always been Pelosi. Number one trump enabler on the planet. No political progress until she’s gone. Does anyone think Tip O’Neill would have put up with trump? Nancy Pelosi is a self promoting elitist, nothing more. Against universal health care, against anything progressive. A treasonous enabler of a treasonous trump.


The very idea that there is no mechanism to immediately disqualify a candidate who refuses to respect the outcome of an election and allows the candidate to continue to run is some kind of Kafkaesque nightmare.


What constitutional thing do you suggest that Pelosi do? And by the way, Tip O’Neill was no “progressive” either.


Thankfully I live in a state which allows its citizens to vote by mail which means that I do not have to run the risk of either being intimidated by Trump supporters or contracting the coronavirus by people who are not wearing facial coverings. And to think that 2020 is probably even more traumatic than what had occurred back in 1968.


Trump will be removed from the White House on January 20, 2021 - it doesn’t really matter if he leaves in handcuffs or a body bag.


Your crystal ball – made in China? – is either defective and or needs new batteries. My crystal ball says the thug is not going anywhere until he dies in office. And there is no one to make him leave, because again, most people seem absolutely terrified of him. Also, he does nothing legally and with few, if any consequences, so all of this stuff about what’s supposed to happen and the transition of power is really moot because we are in very different times than that. The thug believes he deserves multiple terms and that’s in part why he wants to ram another pro-birth/anti-choice fascist onto the Supreme Court before the election who will vote for him to have multiple terms (along with the now purely-ceremonial congress changing the US Constitution).

When one thinks they are the US Constitution and above the law, what’s supposed to happen during and after an election (in ordinary times) is absolutely moot in this case.


First, Senator Sanders erred calling on state legislatures to insure elections. Most states have republicans in charge. Do we really want even more muddy restrictions on what votes get counted and those that do not?? The states sec’y of state has the authority, and new money to insure that every registered voter has their voice heard by or on election day + a few more days for mailed in ballots postmarked by November 3rd.

Second, you do not want CIA to get involved at all. You do not want the FBI involved and certainly not anyone from dept. of war.

If Biden wins the electoral college, you can bet a coffee and donut that Trump will not transition smoothly to Biden regime. Mark Meadows, chief of staff will also put up troubles.

Do not use weapons. His term ends on January 21, 2021 if Biden wins and Trump vacates the white house personal quarters, staff leaves offices also.

Biden incoming team may include a few old clinton hangers on who will be political animals seeking retributions rather than America moving forward.

Some are worried about violence in the streets. Hopefully, folks will accept Trump leaving soon.

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He must have dirt on everyone in D.C.


I’m currently browsing through Reaganland by Rick Perlstein, focusing on the chapter titled "Meanness. One of Reagan’s campaign advisors said, “If you scratch a conservative, you’ll find a Nazi.”
Now we know what the long game was for the far-right wingers who survived not being hung for treason in WW2 and then began the red-baiting with the HUAC hearings and blacklists in the 50’s. It was a continuation of the Third Reich.
Well, I’m not afraid of a bunch of thugs trying to get in my way. I’ve already taken on a group of Proud Boys blocking the aisle in Krogers.(Amazing what an old broad brandishing a cane with the red sash of a Crazy Dog Soldier, ullullating as she comes full speed with a grocery cart can do. Man, they ran like the cowards they are!) As for Trump, hell, I’m a retired Fed. If he refuses to leave, I’ll just bring Mr. Cane and wheel him out in the chair. It’s his choice whether he’s free to then get up and slink away or be in a body bag at that point. All I want is a chance to get an orange scalp to hang on my wall…
Hoka Hay!


Trump/Barr are planning a more-violent version of the riots that the GOP started to intimidate the ballot counters in Florida during the stolen 2000 presidential election. Thug Roger Stone led the riots.
They also intend to intimidate Democratic voters at the polls.
Trump has a virulent nationwide cadre of armed, bearded, camo-wearing white supremacist/Q-Anon militia members, such as those who stormed the Michigan statehouse, the 17-year-old Trumpsucker who murdered two protesters, and the flotilla/motorcade Trumpers who love burning gasoline and waving guns and flags.
Anyone who is a Trump shill is in league with the devil, and should be viewed as a Confederate soldier or Hitler loyalist was viewed.


The first photo broadcast widely was a group who jumped out of their cars and pick-ups, ran up the steps. Had the photo opportunity and ran right back into their vehicles. A quick PR stunt by chicken hearted armed thugs. Later, there was an armed group inside and the state police were above, on the balcony and a few armed were on the staircase. I think the governor was inside the building that day. Intimidation by armed (perhaps hired) thugs sometimes ends up badly for the goons.

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