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Trump Refuses to Denounce Sandy Hook Hoaxers


Trump Refuses to Denounce Sandy Hook Hoaxers

Nika Knight, staff writer

President Donald Trump has remained silent about his relationship with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, refusing to denounce the right-wing radio show host who has used his popular platform InfoWars to push the theory that the


Trump does not know what Sandy Hook/Newtown was and is all about nor does he care. On 12/14/12, he was "working a deal" to build a golf course in Scotland or basking on a beach in Florida and otherwise tuned out. He will not denounce Jones and his conspiracy BS because he does not want to offend the NRA, Jones, nor his hard core gun-toting base. They are all the lowest of the low.

The deaths of 20 children as pawns in a movement to "take our guns away?" WTF...insanity fueled by 12 hours straight of cocaine and coffee to come up with this offal/merde.


1.) Alex Jones is a vile, dangerous piece of excrement!
2.) The hardest-core of Trump's support comes from NRA-worshipping zombies.


Do some research to learn more about what really happened that day.