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Trump Reported Making More Than $1.6 Billion While President

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/22/trump-reported-making-more-16-billion-while-president


Taxman The Beatles:


Well a fellow can dream now, can’t he?

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I get the intent of this piece … BUT … Please STOP pattering this obvious psychopath with the attention he so desperately craves. We can remove the likes of his ilk by 1. Ignoring him (risky). 2. Call out the dysfunctional nature of his propositions and behavior by all means available as often as required. And 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as often as necessary.

He’s no better than the Mafia. And less principled.


Somebody is going to yell: Clawback !!

Trump himself does not soley own all the properties mentioned in the article. He makes his income from ‘branding’ the supposed luxurious, upscale places.
Trump tower in Chicago is not mentioned.

Most of this articles reported income is from his asking price for the various golf courses, etc. Has nothing to do with actual net income or even gross income.

He does owe hundreds of millions of dollars coming due soon. So, getting the values increased now helps him negotiate a new set of loans. For example: golf course A was valued at 100 million seven years ago. By increasing this to 150 million today, he can probably use the 50 million increase to borrow even more this time - or refi easily.

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…which have hemorrhaged money every year he has owned them…

Am I the only one that smells money laundering here? Note that all this money is revenue, not profit. And the article makes no mention of the hundreds of millions of notes getting ready to come due.

I think 45’s greatest fear about his tax returns becoming public is that all the world will then know what a pauper he really is.


Actually, the money declared in the financial disclosure document was income to the President (not revenue to the business).

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One of my three favorite companies wins awards for ethics.
However, they have been selling industrial bonds for way over ten
years, closing manufacturing plants in the midwest, and buying
back their own shares of stock thru the NYSE.

Their buying at the correct time props up their total market value on that big gambling board.
Recently it was up 300% over 2007 share price. So I looked at world wide sales. Looked at
dealers and users. Is this just a ponzi pyramid? Suggest that the wall street analysts are sending us for a ride to lose lots of loot here, this year. Do we bribe these guys? Buy them lunch? Provide them leaked financials?

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beautiful - when he declares bankruptcy, his creditors will have more money to collect

The orange chancre made a mockery of the presidency, US Constitution, precedent and justice, Common Good, and norms of decent behavior, all thrown into the cesspool of his being and making throughout his malignant tenure and life!

The criminal behaviors, bald-faced dishonesty ans lies, failure to disclose official conflicts of interest and attendant criminal activities and destructive policy decisions were designed to create profits (most often illegal) for himself and his crime family of co-conspirators in and around the trump business/fraud empire, and empowering via official policy profits and advantage for corporate cronies - all his history of criminal and venal actions need only be exposed and prosecuted to the max - the numerous conflicts of interest and overt financial finagling and crimes will surely be exposed by the NY investigation now that the scotus has (again) ruled against further attempted non-disclosure and secrecy he relied-on so heavily and refused to open for many years, in and out of office.
I hope Deutsche Bank will have the courage and integrity to foreclose on trump properties and call-in the $340 Million in loans wherever they exist! The orange charlatan will have to rely of Russian oligarch help and corruption!
The prison sentence for life (hopefully) so well-deserved by the crime family “business” that awaits hem may be right around the corner - may it be so! "His judgement cometh and that right soon"

“Donald Trump reported making more than $1.6 billion in outside revenue and income…”

“… in total Trump disclosed at least $1,613,583,013 in revenue from the Trump Organization and other outside income.”

yes - revenue and income are being used synonymously in the media report. The actual disclosure document (see ~https://www.citizensforethics.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Trump-Donald-J.-2021Termination-278.pdf) only uses the word “income”

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Sure, but look at the actual items listed. Over $50,000,000 from “rent” at a New York property, over $50,000,000 in “rent” at a Chicago property, etc. etc. etc. The cell in the “Value” column from Mar-A Lago, another “over $50,000,000,” is called “resort related revenue.” These are reports of revenue, not reports of what went into Trump’s personal income.

EDIT: Actually on further reading, those values are the value of the property. The income is listed in the last column, and is far lower than the value. Let me keep reading!

As I posted above, it is the income column that is being referred to here. The group writing this report merely went through the disclosure and added up the last column for the last four years (after estimating the true amount of income coming from those that read “over $5,000,000”). You can go through that exercise yourself if you’d like to see how $1.6 billion or $400,000,000 per year is about the right answer.

i still don’t think this form actually reflects income to Trump. i may be wrong!

Just to note that the definition of the word “revenue” is " the total amount of income generated by the sale of goods or services related to the company’s primary operations." So i hold the possibility that the form uses the word “income” to mean “revenue.”

Sorry - revenue is not on the form - just in the media report. Form OGE278e has been standard for the last 6 years and before that revision the old form 278 had similar content since 2011. In the form income is income; nothing more. You can add up the income column and you get the income claimed by the group doing the report. You can also check form OGE278e forms for other politicians who also make their income tax forms public and see that it is income.
In fact, Biden got into trouble because his form OGE 278e form in 2019 showed income that he routed through an S corp to keep from claiming it as income in his taxes (a loophole the Obama Administration tried to eliminate but Congress failed to deal with - and Biden took advantage of to save several hundred thousand dollars in taxes)

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