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Trump Reportedly Floated Michael Flynn's "Martial Law" Suggestion During White House Meeting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/20/trump-reportedly-floated-michael-flynns-martial-law-suggestion-during-white-house

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A week ago 126 of my Republican colleagues violated the Constitution by supporting Trump’s attempt to steal the election

This is a fact. At this point any hope that Nancy Pelosi will not seat these treasonous bastards is likely a fiction.


That the idea of imposing martial law in order to try to redo the election was even broached should tell the American public all it needs to know about the Republican Party.


While Trump is unlikely to do anything resembling what Flynn and Giuliani suggested, observers warned that the lame-duck president’s willingness to entertain such proposals highlights the threat he still poses to democracy on his way out the door.

There is currently not enough civil unrest for him to pull it off. But make no mistake, that’s all he’s missing.


The article states that:

" In response to the Axios story, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) dismissed the Trump advisers’ supposed alarm as ‘all for show’, given that they’ve repeatedly enabled the president’s past abuses."

This dismissal by Omar and Biden and the rest of the Democrats of Trump’s idea of using martial law is exactly what Trump is counting on and may be a litmus test to see just how far Trump can push the Democrats since that party refuses to take Trump’s rhetoric seriously. But the Democrats underestimate Trump at their own peril as he may be thinking that he has nothing to lose in the waning days of his floundering presidency. And enacting martial law throughout the country would be a good way of firing up Trump’s fanatical supporters who could, in Trump’s mind, keep him in power.


I think she is talking about their “alarm” as (fake) alarm at the proposal itself being a bad one.

Her tweet clarifies this: “They are not alarmed, it’s all for show.”


While what you say may very well be true it is still doubtful that Biden and the rest of the Democrats are taking what Trump is saying very seriously.


Is that a false flag I see on the horizon?

“I had to destroy the country to save the country.”

  • Drummpfenkopf 1-19-2021

Biden has already dismissed any notions of investigating or attempting to prosecute Trump or any one of his fascist enablers in order to pacify Trump’s right wing militia and suburban housewife supporters. These are the voters Biden is trying so hard to convince that he is not a socialist and will work with them to move the country to the right. Those people do not believe him of course, but that won’t stop him from giving concession after concession to win them over. Meanwhile, that Republicans will not hesitate to use the Senate to investigate Biden or his son for every made-up transgression for four years is of no concern to him, it’s business as usual, and likewise, Biden is not at all concerned about alienating the progressives without whose support he would not have won the election.

Get ready for Trump 2.0 in 2024.


Trump is clearly in the last phase it seems of complete psychological breakdown. He is a flailing, lost sociopath. I don’t doubt for a minute Trump wants to do this! After being shown for four horrific years just what a complete psycho this guy is, why would anyone doubt that he wants to do this?? If there were any true ruling force of real law and real justice in this country, Trump would be arrested and charged with presidential crimes relating to violating the constitution or attempting a military coup, or something along those lines. Beyond unreal what is happening. While so many good people go hungry and die from Covid, this lunatic rages on, and so many lunatic followers worship his every move.


If these ideas were actually verbally entertained at that meeting, might that not disqualify Trump from ever running again?

This is NOT a Republican versus Democrat problem !!
It goes WAY beyond that.


“Disqualify Trump from running again” ? Only if the Democrats break their half century streak of letting the GOP get away with ever more egregious crimes with each passing year. Not to mention that there is already a long line of GOP operatives who are figuring out where Trump fell short of achieving full dictatorship and are ready to expedite the move to dictatorship when one of them becomes POTUS in 2025.

You can safely bet your last nickle that the 126 GOP House members (who signed the amicus to abolish democracy earlier this month) will, at the drop of a hat, vote in favor of marshall law and other moves toward dictatorship. We do not need to see any more of GOP’s cards to know what their next moves are.


Reichstag fire anyone?


Flynn may have been pardoned for past crimes, but I would think he could be locked up for inciting the attempted overthrow of the U.S. government by military coup.

If not, perhaps it’s time for the Dems to openly appeal to the Joint Chiefs to intervene to remove Trump from the oval.


Yes to call the Republican Party a viable American party is a misnomer, they have committed treason to the Constitution and should not be allowed any political power anymore!


If Trump does declare martial law to overturn the election, I would hope the military would commit mutiny and refuse to follow his orders.


I think that happened on September 11, 2001.

In truth, most change in this nation, for good or il, has happened following man made disasters. In most cases we created our own problems and struggled to deal with them. Often, like in the cases of the JFK assassination or 9/11, we changed for the worse.
Now we’re faced with a natural disaster, a pandemic, and the perfect shit storm has formed, as we tried to face it with arguably the worst response to a tribulation in this nations history.
We almost made it past the Trump years without too much irreversible damage done. But then Covid hit, and it opened all of the nations old wounds. All of our closet doors burst open, and racism, xenophobia, and all manner of human frailty, spilled out. The phony foundation that America was built on has begun to crumble.


What is it going to take to stop this fool?

This is just the most recent evidence that the replacement of Trump with Biden was absolutely necessary. It’s a no brainer.

But it’s vitally important to understand the following:

  • Biden and the corrupt neo-liberal party he exemplifies merely represent a bit of breathing room, a temporary and decidedly limited relief from the mental illness of Trump and his insane party, and much of the pathology infecting and motivating the Trump Death Cult also infects and motivates the irrevocably corrupted unDemocratic Party, especially with regard to matters economic and financial.

The only thing that might possibly break this corrupt back and forth political cycle, this increasingly dangerous stranglehold of the duopoly, is a progressive third party genuinely committed to the best interests of the masses instead of to the oligarchs and the big corporations. The parties of the duopoly will never be turned around. Never