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Trump Reportedly Ordered Border Patrol to Break the Law and Refuse to Let Migrants in the US

Trump Reportedly Ordered Border Patrol to Break the Law and Refuse to Let Migrants in the US

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During a visit to Calexico, California last Friday, President Donald Trump reportedly told Border Patrol agents to defy U.S. law and refuse to allow migrants into the country.

"Behind the scenes," CNN reported Monday, citing two anonymous sources, "the president told border agents to not let migrants in. Tell them we don't have the capacity, he said. If judges give you trouble, say, 'Sorry, judge, I can't do it. We don't have the room.'"


At this point in time I do have the faintest hope that Chief Justice Roberts has a smattering of self respect and interest in his legacy. If CockNoWork Orange feels threatened by SCOTUS’s authority (maybe there is a coloring book explaining such), things could get interesting. I do look forward to the ultimate day when Stephen Miller, as all of Orange’s minions do, gets thrown under the Dotard Express. Schadenfreude is not a bug, it’s a feature.


Trump is a blatant lawbreaker. How long do we put up with that.

And Pence is his sidekick. He does not get off either.

Indict a sitting President and Vice President.


"Lock Him Up!"


In other admins one might say there is an appreciation of the Shakespearean notation “all the world is a stage…”. But we have the quote: “I like ‘acting’ because I can move so quickly,” he told CBS’ Face The Nation in February, adding, “It gives me more flexibility.”

Hence we have “acting” heads at a scale that redefines the meaning of government. (off with their…" ) .

Nope, this is a case of faceeebookie model of whatshisface : “Move fast and break things”

Drumph also seems to suffer from an inverted version of ‘tall poppy syndrome’ - anyone whose feet fall out of lockstep gets cut out. This guy is so fixed on having static, rigid, silent, a$$ ki$$er$ that everything must freeze in place. Kill the country = last poppy to cut down

When a rogue president comes in and overturns the apple cart without bipartisan support it just means, it begs, the next rival party to overturn everything once again. Dizzy miss Lizzy.

It seems counter productive of Trump to throw the Browns under the border bus. H e must think that his white nationalist base is enough to get him re-installed.

So if Trump thinks “We don’t have the room.’”, does that mean we will be offering free birth control and using what should be government owned airwaves to broadcast advertising on how it is important to not have more than 2 kids? Because although our TFR has been low enough (1.8 now) for long enough (and immigration is down somewhat as I understand it) that our growth rate has dropped to 0.6-0.8% it is still net positive. If we really don’t have room (actually I don’t think we have ‘room’ in the sense of ecological room for an advanced society of more than 150-200 million people), then we should be doing everything to prevent people from having that third kid (and then our TFR will drop to around 1.5 which sounds marvelous).

Obeying the Law and Paying Taxes is for Suckers.


This whole ordeal with Trump ignoring the law and all his other assorted criminal behavior illustrates just how little accountability there is in our political system. Trump has obliterated the myth of checks and balances in our political system and exposed our political system for the playground of the rich and powerful that it is. Meanwhile, we the people of this country can only tune in and watch this daily reality show and shake our heads in disgust. Welcome to the banana republic known as the Untied States.


Chump sez:
“If judges give you trouble, say, ‘Sorry, judge, I can’t do it. We don’t have the room.’”

Then, for good measure, add, “Hey, I was just following orders.”
Worked great for those fellows at Nuremberg.


Oh for crying out loud! Do we actually have to wait for the rump to go shoot someone in Times Square? IMPEACH NOW!


The man thinks he is above the law. Is he?


With the Senate still holding a Republican majority, it should be considered that the Branches are not “co-equals.” By the order of mention and the delineation in the Constitution, the power starts with the House, then the Senate, the Executive, and the Judiciary.If the 2020 election swings the Senate and House back to the Democrats, it would be time to start reining in the other Branches.

Translation: we do not have room for the wrong people!


As pointed out by Juan Gonzales on Democracy Now this morning, in terms of population density, the United States is in the bottom quarter of nations with regard to population density.

Plus it contains more fertile farmland, fresh water (ok, except maybe Canada), and natural resources of all kinds - particularly renewable resources, than any other country on earth.

So no, the US is not “full”; not even close.

Malthusianism is the kissing-cousin of xenophobic fascism.

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I have never read Malthus though maybe I should someday. There are multiple constraints that humans live with and water is a big one (unless some amazing energy scheme like fusion comes along which I have no optimism for which allows us to desalinate as much water as we want and pump it as far as we want). I agree the US has a lot of water and food capacity per person (in just hectares of food producing land per person, the US is at 0.474 hectares per person (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_real_population_density_based_on_food_growing_capacity) and it’s true this is on the high end (there are some notable big countries less dense than the US on this metric: Russia is 0.854, Canada 1.217, Australia 1.934). But I’d prefer a world with a lot less people and a lot more of an environmental sink to absorb pollution and give a safety factor. 200 million for the US and 3-4 billion worldwide seems like a better safety factor than we have now (if we even have a factor at this point). Plenty of people disagree and many many more than have opinions one way or the other just don’t think about it at all. I’m definitely for more people thinking about it.

We don’t have the room for a President who is an obvious lawbreaker. We are putting people in cages (border prisons) who are attempting to enter this country seeking lawful asylum, yet we can’t apprehend this criminal who isn’t upholding the laws of the United States, but continues to violate laws that would get many of us locked away forever.

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Well said!

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For some time I have been puzzled by Trumps attack on cheap and malleable labor. No more, The incompetence of the effort reveals his true goal.