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Trump, Republicans Threaten to Blow Up Senate for Gorsuch


Trump, Republicans Threaten to Blow Up Senate for Gorsuch

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Wednesday urged Senate Republicans to "go nuclear" and take away Democrats' ability to block his Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, as members of his party suggest that is the very path they're willing to take.


If the repugs go nuclear it will just be more proof as to how impotent the dems have become. Progressives seriously need a new long-term strategy if they are to turn things around over the next 4 to 8 years. This strategy will likely include slogans like "Remember Trump, Never Again".


Nuclear...a rather strident use of the word by a standing emperor.


He can't stop thinking about them nukes. Unfortunately unlike a sane person's thoughts when Trump thinks of nukes it probably is of excitement, not of fear and terror.


Democracy is too important to be left up to a few conflicted individuals to play around with.

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Glenn Greenwald tweets: Obama's Solicitor General, @neal_katyal, argues in NYT that liberals should support Trump's Supreme Court nominee


The media are again dishing out their usual "even-handed" coverage of the Gorsuch nomination. Trump says "“I only hope that Democrats and Republicans can come together for once for the good of the country.”

But the reality is that Obama put up a centrist candidate Merrick Garland, one who'd be acceptable to most Americans (if not to Senate Republicans), whereas Trump has nominated a right-winger who's even more extreme than Scalia and a stab in the eye to women, working people and environmentalists.

It would be nice if the Democrats for once didn't roll over and play dead, but I won't hold my breath.


Doesn't "Il Duce" realize that he got 10,669,187 less votes than the others. 2,864,974 less than Hillary alone. C'mon folks fix this rotten game. Get some Charmin wipe, come out of hiding and elect national figures with a simple popular national vote or stop calling this charade a Democracy. And somebody tell Bannon and Trump that we didn't elect a Czar. I liked his populist economic message, but the rest of this kabuki stinks. Swamp? Heck this smells like the worst sewage ever. I can smell the stench of buyers remorse on fellow voters at 10 degrees below zero here in northern Maine.


Why the hell didnt the Dems go nuclear? 10 months and not a hearing? These guys are appointed for life, and span 3-4 different Presidents, and a couple more will need replacing during the next 4 years. Dems are a mess and should basically be disbanded and replaced with another party, however, until then we basically have a 1 party system in 2 flavors, strong and weak


Didnt we say this with Bush? History repeats. Its 1933 and 1984 at the same time. I am afraid its all over now.


Doesn't Lerenarde realize that our election system comes from our constitution and is not a system where the most votes win. If that where the case the states with the largest populations would always decide who the president would be. The elector system is majority votes a candidate the electors should vote for that candidate.

This election in Maine three electors voted for Clinton. One announced he would vote for peter rabbit or some other shit. Both parties started to hound him. His vote was for Clinton in the end.

Trump was elected because he got more states and almost all rural areas. Particularly most of the states between the east and west coasts.

So that's the way it worked out. This is your country. What seems apparent is that half the population who did not elect the present administration dislikes much of it, sees corruption and moral degradation. It flips when the other side is in power. Clearly 50% of the American people are very unhappy with their governance all the time. Clearly it is time for a change. We fight over the elections but the same policy always rolls out of both parties leaving the fight over identity politics.


Repubs in Senate and House, especially McConnell and Ryan, continue to delegitimize themselves with every rule the break and rash action they take.


The Senate and House republicans find Trump to be a useful idiot. They can live with him as long as he rubber stamps their bills. The strategy that the democrats should have is to "go nuclear" on him by pushing all of Trumps buttons and drive him Ape sh*t mad for all to see while his rein is still young. This will drive a wedge between him and republicans that may not want to support Trump. How hard could this strategy be, he already redefines the P in POTUS to mean Psychopath of the United States.