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Trump Requests Hacked Dirt on 2020 Democrats From Foreign Regimes in Free Ad Aired on Disney's ABC News

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/13/trump-requests-hacked-dirt-2020-democrats-foreign-regimes-free-ad-aired-disneys-abc

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Sure the Russians want Trump so they can be sanctioned even more, it is so much fun to be sanctioned by the US. Trump just announced he is thinking of sanctioning the Nord Stream pipeline to “protect” Germany from Russia. Like the Germans, who want the gas, need to be protected. . Give me a break,
Obviously he is no friend of Russia, but that doesn’t matter to the dominant and worn out paradigm.
Now the Saudi’s, UAE and Israel, on the other hand, I can see desperately wanting to keep their buddy Trump in the Oval Office. He is right up their reactionary alley.
When will this stupid Russian collusion story end?
The Democrats should be going after crosscheck and the various Republican voter suppression tactics that wiped out hundreds of thousands of Black and Latino voter registrations, not some fake foreign interference.


His wilfull intent has been established before the world.

I disagree. The Russians would much rather see Trump re-elected than put up with a Rachel Maddow presidency.

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El Trumpo won’t admit to any wrongdoing because his tactic is to project wrongdoing onto others, principally his opponents. Just saying he’d accept dirt on his opponents confirms to his loyal base of equally immoral mental midgets that scandalous dirt is there without a shred of actual evidence.


What do you mean by “Rachel Maddow presidency?” Thanks.