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Trump Resorts to 'Pure 1984 Totalitarian Gaslighting,' Telling Supporters to Ignore News Coverage of His Policies


Trump Resorts to 'Pure 1984 Totalitarian Gaslighting,' Telling Supporters to Ignore News Coverage of His Policies

Julia Conley, staff writer

Hours before President Donald Trump's former lawyer released an audio recording of Trump discussing a hush-money payment to a former Playboy model, the president uttered a phrase that critics said seemed ripped from the pages of George Orwell's classic dystopian novel 1984.


While Donald Trump loves to tout his wealth, here is a look at his little-reported debt load:

Stuck way at the bottom of his Financial Disclosure is a payment that he made to Mr. Cohen which is reported as a liability.


If only. I would love to invent a reality where this asshole isn’t president.


It’s possible that we could come out of this even stronger than we were. Germany managed it, Japan managed it.


I’m surprised that you take this attitude. I think that it is very healthy not to trust information from the MSM. Likewise don’t believe a word that you hear, either directly or via ‘leaks’, from the CIA, the FBI or the Pentagon.
The fact that Trump is now telling the people what socialists have been saying forever is a healthy development not a sign of approaching doom.
As a matter of fact, the real signs of an approaching 1984 or Totalitarian regime have been the conformity of the media, for many years, in promoting the propaganda of the warmongers, the capitalist class and the political duopoly.
I disagree with almost all of Trump’s policies but he is right about ‘fake news’. I just hope that people, who tend to be easily manipulated by the media into voting against their own interests, take his advice. And think for themselves.
But most curious of all is it that Common Dreams, which is not part of the MSM and is useful precisely because it offers an alternative to CNN, the Washington Post etc, is publishing pieces like this one which, in effect, tells readers to go back to the New York Times or MSNBC to learn what is going on.
What you should be doing is telling Trump supporters that here is a place where the truth is what matters. As a matter of record most of the ‘deplorables’ who either voted against Hillary or abstained in the election used to know, as Union members and working people, that the MSM was their enemy. It still is.


Trump is only acting a president for about one third of the US population. He is neglecting the other two-thirds even though under the Constitution he is supposed to represent the entire population including those who did not vote for him. This minority is trying to gain permanent control over the majority. They are using various methods such as jamming the courts with extreme right wing judges, attacking journalists, using laws to suppress voting, gerrymandering, and disseminating lies through social media, radio, etc. His supporters do not all agree with each other but they have gotten on the same page to support Trump. And they do have some views in common, most notably they support an authoritarian state. Even though most people in the US see Trump as an ignorant buffoon, the minority is gaining power. Since Trump supporters are constantly fed lies they see the US very differently than the majority. They see minorities committing far more crimes than they commit and as being lazy and trying to live off the government instead of working hard. The see liberals as being dishonest and blame the Clintons for crimes such a the death of Vince Foster and being involved in scandals such as Whitewater. They believe Obama forged documents to claim he was born in the US. They believe scientists create phony data to claim the Earth is warming due to emissions of greenhouse gases from human sources. The believe universities are left wing propaganda mills. In short, Trump supporters mentally live in the alternative right wing universe.


The pathological liar speaks…with forked-tongue, in his sixth grade moron’s vocabulary.

He might just as well have said that American farmers are liars when they say they have been badly hurt by his petulant trade war with our allies. He doesn’t yet get - and never will - that he isn’t the host of a reality TV show, that can “fire” anyone, or abuse them, or belittle a nation and people, or Americans because the Angry Baby feels he has been “picked-on”…fuckin mindless idiot!

Lock him up! Lock him up!

I suspect the details of his $12 Billion give away theft from the public coffers is an attempt to cloak his incompetence and mindless reactionary tariffs, will mostly benefit corporate chemical poison farmers, NOT small family farm operations or organic farms! Guess what genius? The farmers of America (except corporate) have had a belly-full of your stupidity, moral depravity, and lies!


… and that IS the challenge !


Thanks to the US. We are the US. There will be no country to help us get back…


Hey, you forgot to answer people taking issue with your last comment on another thread beginning …“Very strange description of politics in the US”

Surely you intend to do so, right?


I won’t even try to counterpoint such drivel.


Well, sort of right. But when he says, “fake news,” he means “news that’s critical of me.” I think he’s probably fine with the Judith Miller/Tom Friedman/ Wall Street Journal kind of fake news that puts his class in the best possible light while beating the drum for endless war, environmental degradation and austerity.

All in all, it’s probably for the best that a discussion of the nature and motivation of “fake news” take place.


they say you get the gov’t you deserve. no enough of us awake yet.


Well, I cannot argue with your statement…because Amerika certainly deserves Trump!



Looks like he needed the job –

Another bankruptcy might have crashed the myth of Trump as anything but a shyster and criminal.


Fascism has its own language manifesting itself in propaganda useful to the ones in power. Fake news is a branch of that propaganda implemented to confuse and distract from reality and truth. Hitler’s ‘Third Reich’ was largely created by propaganda…


Same thing GHWBush did with the propaganda of a “liberal media.”


See: Operation Mockingbird

and the companion operations Paperclip and Gladio –

drafted in 1943 but run out of the CIA by Allen Dulles.

Common Dreams is certainly NOT telling readers here that NYTimes, MSNBC or CNN are legitimate news. Quite to the contrary.

Try to find a LABOR report in any of MSM –


One of the funny–or at least peculiar–things about this is that it could be one of the truer things that Donald Trump is saying.

Trump’s “what you see and what you read” does not here refer to Orwell’s “the evidence of your eyes and ears,” not if he is referring to the “news media,” which it appears he does.

I need to quit calling these people news media, I guess. But do we really imagine that Fox, MSNBC, CNN, the NYT, WaPo, PBS, et alia have decided to buckle down and do journalism just because Donald Trump continues to lie?

Are we not to remember that Hillary Clinton’s internal memos and emails showed her instructing at least most of those same outlets and Debbie Wasserman Schultz actually dictating them copy as recently as 2016? Can we not recall that Democrats coined the term “fake news” to refer to Internet discourse carried on by non-corporate sources as damage control when their emails were published, only to drop it quickly when Trump immediately co-opted it to address the corporate press (mostly).

Maybe that’s easier to accept if one realizes that the corporate press does not particularly favor Democrats, but established corporate and beltway insiders who are sources of money and news copy. The balance would likely have been different had the election been the near-twin neocons HRC & Jeb Bush.

Of course we had better know that Trump is lying, at least about most everything else. But it is not helpful that this gets presented as though it means that there is another major corporate and political power that is telling the truth.

It is particularly disturbing that this happens in the context of not discussing in any depth the tariff issue. I do not see any reason to assume that Trump is handling this at all well, but it is not like tariffs or even a trade war are automatically bad. The so-called “free” so-called “trade” agreements have been catastrophic.

Here’s a piece on the lack of news coverage of Yemen. Orwell’s “eyes and ears” have little to do with Stormy Daniels.