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Trump Restarts Keystone XL Fight, Not the Tar Sands Pipeline


Trump Restarts Keystone XL Fight, Not the Tar Sands Pipeline

Anthony Swift, Danielle Droitsch

The Trump Administration’s approval of the cross-border permit for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline marks the beginning of what is likely to be a long fight over the dirty energy project. Many obstacles remain for the controversial tar sand pipeline, starting with the legal vulnerabilities of the cross border approval itself. The State Department’s approval reverses a decision to reject Keystone XL that was reached following a rigorous, robust process with substantial public engagement.


The oligarch's oligarch is doing what an oligarch does. Nothing else exists in the padded techno cell. That' s for others to 'worry' about, the first and foremost "externalization" of costs: responsi(a)bility/coherence. The planet-wide Paris accord? The ham fist has an inc, I mean ink pen and simply writes off the entire road map drawn up by scientists. Oh wait, that' s one of the other primordial "externalizations": science is science only if approved by the dissociative methodologies of the oligarchy. Ain't Life Grand?

VOX summarized this road map if anyone is interested. I'd add that few imagine how important it is to be clear on the exponential function being key to understanding the shifting of dynamic. Once it is clearly articulated apart from the current kleptocratic applications in the components embedded by the IMF, WB and their bankster groupies. In short, it works both ways (but shhhhh.... nobody is supposed to imagine that).

and on the exponential function:


A beautifully accurate headline, and I'm hugely relieved to get and understand the news. From the NRDC's account (clicking through a couple of places from this article), it seems even TransCanada knows it's hardly worth the trouble to fight it through. Demand is falling to the point they've taken out the clear promise to let US drillers at Bakken jump in with their tar-sands oil. There are local and state jurisdictions to clear. The pipe is already made (wherever) and waiting to be installed. And it promises only 35 full-time, permanent jobs. 35 jobs in a dying industry. Really.

And in the context of the failure to "repeal and replace" another signature of Obama's legacy, I have to try really hard not to smirk.


I'd say it's more than 'equally' true now -- with the studies cited in this article it seems to me it is increasingly risky to our very existence.


Sounds 'bout right.