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Trump Retweets Article Outing Name of Alleged Ukraine Whistleblower

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/27/trump-retweets-article-outing-name-alleged-ukraine-whistleblower

Okay. Arrest and prosecute him. Str8t up. Commence the legal process. You know where he is 24/7. He’s the freaking “president of the USA.” Go to it, Mr. and Ms. Public Servant. You there, Ms. Prosecutor in DC. Enforce the law. Send a deputy to the White House to make the arrest. If the deputy is refused entry, use all the usual methods for dealing with contemptors. I don’t care so much right now whether you’re successful. I just want to see some sign of life. Is the US. a nation of laws? -Then enforce the laws. Pull your head out of the musty mumbling that passes for “thinking” in your fake world of dead letters and get to work.


Whistleblowers who act on the behalf of the government are to be protected, but those who expose government or military/industrial complex lies such as Kiriakou, Drake, Manning, Assange, etc., are to be exposed, prosecuted, jailed, or in the case of Assange, slowly killed in Belmarsh prison. To top it off, Assange is not even a U.S. citizen.


Close the comments section down .
Nothing else needs to be said .


How about a week? Unfortunately that wouldn’t sell the propaganda.

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To the community: I cannot discern why Obama commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence. Does anyone have a theory? I’m stumped.


The senses of the citizenry have to become sufficiently dulled to the concept of governmental crime, as were the citizens of Germany between the election of Hitler in 1933 and the invasion of Poland in 1939. It takes time to consolidate power.


This is getting silly. Ciaramella’s name has been in the press for months. The idea that Schiff and his staff didn’t know the guy’s name is ridiculous on the face of it. If he was in real danger, like being killed rather than humiliated, it would have happened already. Everyone running around pretending to not know his name is just asinine.


True enough. But all it takes is one courageous prosecutor during a time of dire need such as this. This particular crime (along with all the in-your-face Emoluments Clause violations) is so easy to prove, and simultaneously so insidious. How could a president possibly be exempt from a legal obligation to NEVER disclose the names of whistleblowers (or of any number of classified employees, for that matter)? He’s the freaking head of the executive branch!! He and his cohorts in that branch are PRECISELY the sorts of officials that whistleblower statutes are supposed to protect people against!

Just file charges already! It’s a crime that occurred in Washington DC. Presumably there are various district attorneys there who are entrusted with enforcing the law in this instance.


Trump and his reelection campaign are guilty of violating whistleblower protection laws.
Trump has already been doing witness intimidation, bribery, suborning perjury in many different cases, including his porn star adultery payoffs.
These easy to prove crimes should have been included in the impeachment proceedings, and now should be added.
Trump is obviously a white-collar mob boss behaving like Tony Soprano would.
Time for him to be not just impeached and removed from the presidency, but imprisoned.


Yes, it’s a nation of laws, just not even remotely a nation of justice.


These kinds of weird questions are meaningless and off topic, although the government’s attempts to silence and kill Manning and Assange are relevant. The following is what’s most relevant regarding Chelsea:
Chelsea’s legal team continues to develop new legal strategies to secure Chelsea’s release from confinement, and to challenge the practice of coercive confinement in the United States more generally. Your support will enable them to devote themselves fully to these efforts. Thanks so much for your continued commitment to justice.


Chelsea’s 32nd birthday is December 17th. Although you cannot send greeting cards to her, if you can scan them and print out a picture of them - as a page or two within a letter - she should be able to receive them.

We are including an image of do’s and don’ts for writing Chelsea at the bottom of this mailing.

Here’s her mailing address:

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, VA 22314

If you haven’t read it yet, please read Chelsea’s statement for this year’s Aaron Swartz Day, where she explains the serious problems with Grand Juries and why she cannot, in good conscience, participate in them: https://www.aaronswartzday.org/chelsea-manning-asd-2019/

Thanks so much for your continued support.



The Chelsea Resists Support Committee

P.S. If possible, please select ‘Recurring Donation’ to maximize your support.


Without an extrajudicial/extrapolitical foundation in justice, there is no legitimate law. An illegitimate law is not a law. It is an edict. This is one of the fundamental lessons we are learning in Chile. We have had to adopt an extraconstitutional process to draft a new constitution because the current “constitution” is illegitimate — it having been installed/imposed during the neoliberal Pinochet dictatorship. The US and most of the world is in a similar situation. You are ruled by a Neoliberal Junta (DNC/GOP). With the help of the US Supreme Court, the junta’s neoliberal edicts have been grafted onto the archaic US Constitution, disfiguring that document beyond recognition. Most of the “rights” espoused in your constitution have been obliterated by neoliberal edicts doctored by the Supreme Court (which has elevated itself, extraconstitutionally, to the role of Supreme Branch of Government).

What you are really saying, or so it would seem, is that there is no law in the US, no legitimate law, because there is no justice.


A quick search turned up any number of articles. This one has some of Obama’s own, publicly stated reasons. Kinda boils down to, “It was a tough sentence, and she did her time.”


One conclusion to be drawn from this whole mess is that the US needs an entirely new constitution. The entire structure of US government needs to be disassembled. The rights of citizens need to be spelled out anew.


You read me right! Laws are just words in books. Some are legitimate, some are unjust, some are obsolete but still on the books. Justice depends on the fair application of laws and, critically, equal standing under the law, which is where it fails massively in our class system. Jeffrey Epstein, a rich man, traffics young girls for decades, pimping them to British “royalty” and wealthy capitalists, and then skates right out of Florida with a special deal and a slap on the wrist (yeah, it caught up to him eventually, and he got his just desserts, but not in a way that served justice to his victims). Eric Garner, on the other hand, a poor man, illegally sells a few, single cigarettes to make a little pocket money, and is extrajudicially killed on the spot by the police. Again, no justice.

There’s about as much justice in the U.S. as there is democracy.


This comment is indicative of the Trump propaganda model.
It seeks to deflect and obscure the president’s many crimes.
It makes light of killing the whistleblower, and the use of the word “humiliated” is a totally Trumpian meme. The whistleblower would not be humiliated by having told the truth about the gangster Trump. The whistleblower would be seen as a hero, although a hero who could be killed by Trump supporters or Trump agents.
I know that people like you will never be a whistleblower or otherwise stand up for what’s right, but if you did, you damn sure would want to have anonymity and not have a gangster out you so you could be harassed and harmed, as was done to Blase-Ford and many other opponents of Trump.


Assange has not (yet) been extradited to the USA (and may never be). So the US is not responsible for what happens to him UNTIL (and IF) he comes to the US. So let’s not talk about him. The others, far from exposing government and MIC lies, actually committed crimes to enrich themselves and in the process were ready to sell out the country. Evidence at their trials clearly shows they have broken Federal and State Laws with impunity, and consequently they have received the punishment deemed appropriate according to US Law. So where’s the beef? On the other hand, outing a whistleblower who followed procedure (as this one did) is a federal crime. Trump and the Republicans seem willing to flout the law. If the Dems had done that, they would be screaming blood murder from the rooftops, the hypocritical, unhinged lot.

Well said!

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Seriously? You mean he holed up in that embassy for fun?