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Trump Ridiculed for Claiming Unnamed 'Legal Scholars' Praised Calls With Ukraine Leader as 'Absolutely Perfect'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/03/trump-ridiculed-claiming-unnamed-legal-scholars-praised-calls-ukraine-leader

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trump/chump foaming at the mouth again, guess I gotta say it again; anyone/everyone, friends and family included, deserve to step strongly onto a rusty nail for that vote for him! PS, I really like my friends, and love my family!


Roast this beast as slooooooooowly as possible


Encourage him to talk more. Next subject: How he dominates Boris Johnson and looks forward to Brexit so he can dictate a new trade deal with the UK featuring favorable terms for US exports like Rolls Royces…


The legal scholars must be hiding out with the whistleblowers.

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Make believe scholars, just like this make believe presidency.

Only trouble is, no one believes in make believe.

Well, maybe 4 year olds.

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Why is anyone still listening to this bundle of emotions with no head? Or is it conscience? Astonishing how the GOP went from being the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt to the current viciously selfish abomination.


The party did not elevate this deplorable. Cable TV opinion networks did it by giving him (for free) 45 minutes of attention each broadcast hour.

The house democrats fumbled on their own 10 yard line - the Mueller report with all the verified evidence.

Today and tomorrow, expecting Nancy to throw an interception - nobody watches Nadler or pays attention.

Result: Senate republicans can blow through their impeachment hearings in two days.


Last evening, Bill Weld told Lawrence O’Donnell, that the House Prosecutors are more in charge of how things progress once it reaches the Senate than Mitch McConnell.

Don’t assume the Repugs can end it quickly.

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Will someone please explain to me just exactly what constitutes a “perfect” telephone call?

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You couldn’t possibly be thinking of John Yoo, could you?  Probably would be Trump’s next nomination to the Supremes, except SFAIK he’s even older than RBG.

It should be easy to figure out:  other than Jarr-Jarr Barr, they’re all former staff at Trump U. — all of them experts in Un-Real-Estate Law.

Per last night’s “news”, three of the above scholars were named by the DimWit-Rats and just one by the 'PoopLickens, but neither CD nor the cited Axios article made it clear which is/are which.  I am surprised the 'Poops didn’t name John Yoo, but maybe they’re saving him to defend Tweetle-Dumb during the trial in the Senate.

The senate does not impeach, nor does it hold impeachment hearings. The senate conducts a post impeachment trial, assuming the house does vote to impeach. Otherwise the Senate is not involved.

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Bernie 2020 !! Enough said.

No wonder Trumpster has such a large butt. He keeps putting his head in it.


No recording?

Would that this was actually fact. However when all is said and done this Senate has demonstrated absolutely no evidence of a willingness to even censure the president let alone convict him. McConnell owns the Senate. The Republican Senators are totally in his control. All the honest ones stopped running for office.


The senate will hold hearings about the impeachment (proven details) before the committee votes to send to the full senate.

I expect them to vote yes, let’s go!!

Then the full senate votes no, not guilty.

Result = Trump gets re-elected.

Because the democrats are not gaining the younger folks to register to vote that they need to win the midwest a year from now.

The house TV hearings on Ukraine situations did not persuade the 11% needed for popular uprising.

It was a "bait and switch operation.

What I don’t understand is why the Securities Exchange Commission has not noticed the insider trading patterns. A day before Trump drives the market down, his minions sell their long positions.

As President Trump is not allowed to trade, but, when others profit on “beforehand information” about what he is going to say to drive the markets up or down, he is complicit in the crime.

Impeach him for cheating millions of our citizens out of their retirement money. It just may get a guilty vote.

Where is the Securities Exchange Commission?

I understand your point about insider trading but the stock averages are up bigtime this year.