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Trump Risks Turning US Into 'Global Climate Deadbeat' by Withdrawing From Paris


Trump Risks Turning US Into 'Global Climate Deadbeat' by Withdrawing From Paris

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With the Trump administration reportedly on the verge of withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, environmental groups are warning that doing so could make the U.S. an international pariah.

"Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement would turn America from a global climate leader into a global climate deadbeat."
—Annie Leonard, Greenpeace


"could make the U.S. an international pariah."

I'm not holding my breath since the crimes of Empire have had little effect on USA prestige, wealth, and power


Until there is a new paradigm that says: PEOPLE AND THE PLANET ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN PROFITS! I cannot see much hope for our planet.


Maybe a coalition of Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii can attend the Paris conference. The hell with Trump. Where does Alaska stand? Would eastern states join this coalition?


Note that NEITHER of these two HYPOCRITES and their "Feel Good by Donating" activist groups are making ANY EFFORT WHATSOEVER to combat the ROOT CAUSE of nearly all of the world's environmental & econ- omic problems: GROSS - AND WORSENING - OVERPOPULATION, both here in the U.S. and worldwide.   The Paris Climate Agreement, since it totally ignores population growth, isn't worth the paper it's written on.

"Sustainable Growth" is an oxymoron!!


"America Firs"' Trump proclaims. Well how about 'America Alone.' That is what the global community should be thinking. Isolate this pariah nation. Let's see how well the US functions when it is on its own. They call for sanctions against Iran or Russia. How about sanctions for the US.

Deadbeat Nation is a good term for the US.


Whew. Safe to assume you’re pro-war? That’s some instant population control. I, on the other hand, view fossil fuel use as a big factor. Between our cars and our massive military we use an immense amount and I believe our wars have been for getting even more. Wise sustainability decisions could mitigate many of the problems in this world. America’s quest for World Hegemony is at the root of much of the world’s problems but it will not prove fruitful as it most likely will further our decline, if not our demise. Continuous Economic Growth is the oxymoron.


The targets aren't legally binding. I don't know why Trump and gang are making such a fuss about whether or not they should be lowered. He isn't planning to meet the current US target anyway. In fact, his policies would increase emissions not decrease emissions. Also, the federal government has no way of controlling the total emissions. The emissions depend to some extent on all levels of government and the entire US population. Emissions are the result of the cumulative effect of countless decisions made throughout the country.


It's actually made a big impression around the developed world. We've lost respect from all our allies.


Hardly.  That's quite a jump, even for a Beamer.   I'm just disgusted by the fact that these two major forces attempting to ameliorate the many attacks on Mother Earth are unwilling - like the U.S. Congress and the attendees of the Paris climate talks - to even mention, much less address, the root cause of so many of our current problems: the excessive number of two-legged cancer cells polluting our planet and devouring its resources.  As Samuel Clemens pointed out many years ago, if we do not find a humane solution to over­population then Mother Nature will rely on famine and pestilence to reduce our numbers, probably in a very unpleasant way. Clemens also mentioned war as another way to reduce population, but I assume that he was unaware nuclear war could eliminate the problem entirely so that a few million years from now other species can arise and take over.

There is not a single major problem - including economic and social inequality - that is not made worse by the world's ever-growing population. The current efforts by Greenpeace and the Sierra Club et al will eventually be overwhelmed as population continues to increase.


So what difference is one additional 'dead beat' position more going to make?
We are already outcasts among modern nations as far as universal health care, free post secondary education, statutory paid vacation, statutory paid parental leave and last - not least democracy are concerned.

But the blame lies not solely on those who have seized power over this country, but also on ALL of us who let it slip so far, while sitting on the couch, watching brainless shows on TV


Right on !! Climate change is a bigger hoax than obizocare.

A good reason for a moratorium on immigration?


There is PLENTY of evidence that Climate Change - Global Warming caused by greenhouse gases added to the atmosphere by human activity - is NOT a Hoax.  My criticism of the agreements arrived at in Paris is that they do NOTHING to address the ROOT CAUSE of the problem - GROSS OVERPOPULATION.  What good does it do to reduce oil consumption by 15% per capita or decrease CO2 emissions by 15% per capita if the number of "capitas" - the human population - doubles?     (100% - 15%) x 2 = 170% of the original problem.

Yes, primarily because a typical 'third world' immigrant increases his/her 'carbon footprint' 12 to 16 times with-
in ten years of arriving in the U.S., and also because migration is too often seen as a 'safety valve' for local or regional overpopulation whereas the problem is actually worldwide.  But to be completely fair to all concerned, the moratorium should be absolute - NO IMMIGRATION to the U.S. from ANYWHERE for at least the next 30 to 50 years!