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Trump Rollback of Key EPA Water Protection Rule Denounced as 'Callous' and 'Immoral' Giveaway to Big Polluters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/12/trump-rollback-key-epa-water-protection-rule-denounced-callous-and-immoral-giveaway

We are all going to be Flint and Newark soon enough.


More than "… shameful and dangerous."

It’s suicidal


The dictator must loot the country he presides over

And or loot as much from other countries as he can get his hands on Why must he do this? Because to stay in power he needs the support of sidekicks who are as callous about the national wellbeing as he is.

The only we he can keep paying them off is by giving them their share of the national treasure (ie loot) He does not of course pay them with his own money. Study your history — -French nobility, English medieval kings, the Romans and many others, — -all followed the same pattern.

An elite paid to levels of obscene excess, extracted from national resources, while the masses were ground down in endless poverty.

This is happening right now, and the unthinking masses are cheering him on while he does it. ‘’No socialism’’ is the cry, little realising that extreme capitalism is stealing their very lifeblood as the elite accumulate wealth that they con only spend on more excess.

If you can’t grasp that — — -look at the palace of Versaiilles, and the palaces of the Tsars. Exactly the same thing — -diversion of national treasure for the benefit of the individual But this time, national resources are in terminal decline.

The dictator cannot grasp that. Just like Louis 16th, who could not understand why the French exchequer could not be used for his personal benefit, to do with as he wished. As in the book The End of More (Pagett Amazon), there is no more to had.


Republicans are, indeed, the embodiment of stupidity and death.

The GOP has been attempting to turn the US into a third world nation for at least a half century. Undrinkable water is the last straw needed for the US to descend to third world status.


Maybe I missed it, but don’t recall hearing anything from Jerry Nadler’s hearings
today about Trump and the destruction of our government agencies –

Totally reversing their missions, turning them backwards – WHY isn’t that impeachable?

This is the stuff that Nixon started doing for payoff’s $$$ –

It is the responsibility of the president to ensure that our agencies carrying out their
missions with the intent and spirit with which Congress created the agencies –

This is total REVERSAL of their missions –

Why isn’t this grounds for impeachment?

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Hi raydelcamino:
Re: Trump Water: We need to have undercover jokesters deliver some of that Trump Water to the Watercoolers of Congress. : )


Even if it was, impeachment is a pipe dream. It requires both parties to advance to impeach him and the insane GOP is never going to impeach Trump. Hell the Dem leaders don’t want to impeach Trump. He is their perfect excuse to never change.

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There is not more despicable and depraved rotten ignorant scum on the planet that the orange filth called trump!

Water is essential to all life, even the children of the rich and powerful. My ability to revile and condemn the environmental crimes by this evil POS is tested every frelling day!

Yet another trump regime atrocity against the environment, nature and wildlife is by building his horizontal erection with stolen funds beginning in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southern Arizona, a federally protected wilderness area and Unesco-recognized international biosphere reserve.

The National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas will also be bulldozed to construct trumps ego atrocity!. More than 60 varieties of butterflies find migration refuge and shelter there In the spring and fall, monarchs and other species can blanket the center’s 100 acres.

If there ever was a hanging offense for crimes against nature and planet, it would be this wall-monument to one evil person’s ego and criminal arrogance-ignorance for life on earth. Everything beyond his love of money and “business” exploitation is being destroyed by an evil criminal mind!

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You missed this one:

Proceeding with an investigation and then impeachment proceedings will put the facts out their that a substantial segment of the population refuses to look at or accept. The more “officially” the truth is laid out, the more people will have to come to their senses about who and what trump truly is.
In other words, this proceeding will help the vote for non trumpers.

Yes, send bottled water from one of trump’s contaminated streams to the White House.

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Most of us are already living with contaminated public water supplies. Flint is far from the worse, just the most well-known case.

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There are things you have to do whether or not they will succeed –

this is one of those things.

And, Pelosi obviously also knows that as she realizes the public wants Impeachment –
as she just commented on that in her talk with the press on her return to Congress .
And she is backing Nadler’s “Investigation of Trump for Impeachment.”

That’s not all she needs to do – she needs to act on Global Warming – we may have
two years before we have a runaway situation and a new Ice age/Polar shift?

She also need to campaign for Medicare for All – all of the Democrats need to do that.

Are they inviting Greta Thunberg to speak to Congress?

How many of our State governments are inviting her to speak?

How many elementary schools, high schools – colleges are inviting her?

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Looks like Trump and the GOP are the death panels they used to talk about. If they’re going to pollute the country to make a buck and get people sick, it’s obvious why they’re fighting Medicare for all? They’re just being responsible “conservatives.”

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They can weasel out of responsibility for global warming easily by blaming other polluter nations and take credit for not wasting tax dollars on pie in the sky solutions. I would go so far as to say they would welcome a runaway situation where they can profit from selling rescue equipment and supplies. I know that sounds like snark, but it’s not.

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Id add that the republican psyche is so far in to contrarianism, greed, and sociopathy as to well into - suicidal. And dont care or dont realize it.
It’s a Cult Mentality


Moral to the story - Do your own TESTING - Soon

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How many of the top EPA people should be required to drink a pint of whatever water becomes the most polluted due to this, every day?

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Oh I agree that fighting climate change is the fight of all fights and should be done anyway, even if it might be hopeless. I just wonder that all this talk of ‘impeachment’ is a worse strategy than actually trying to support a candidate that we know can beat Trump next year. i.e. Sanders or maybe Tulsi. I am also very annoyed that they are still using one of the arguments of “failed to prevent past and future attacks on our election system by foreign governments” as grounds for impeachment, which is just Russiagate in name only. I also simply don’t trust Pelosi and Schumer.