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Trump Rollback of Key EPA Water Protection Rule Denounced as 'Callous' and 'Immoral' Giveaway to Big Polluters

So … where are all the massed rallies across USA, protesting in the streets, in front of appropriate government offices, blocking traffic at key points in business areas???

Jasmine -

What you’re talking about has been named … “Disaster Capitalism.”

Phred –

Agree – they’d kill us all rather than face any accountability or change their
lives –

nor would they care about the loss of the Planet –

One good bit of news is that Ancient Aliens/History Channel – which I had
somewhat lost track of when their reporting got really scary – is now saying
that when the alien craft come in they are no longer just inspecting the places
where missiles are held – checking them out . . . .

NOW, they are shutting down whole stockpiles of nuclear missiles which was
though impossible by our MIC “thinkers” …

Evidently, the missiles have to be shut down individually – each with a different ID –
so it was thought by those creating our security programs that it was IMPOSSIBLE
for anyone to shut them down.

But, should Trump go really bezerk at any moment, let’s hope the aliens will try at
least to save the planet (likely for themselves) and prevent the missiles from going

Ancient Aliens is also reporting NEW tests of missiles where the alien craft are blowing
up the missiles. Not so sure about that if they have nuclear material and what it does
in adding danger to our environment/Nature, but it seems to be what they are doing.

New reports right now from alleged “videos” confirm this …
and also some spookier stuff like aliens want us for slave labor on many planets –
also the idea that we will continue to be changed to be more like them “in their image” …
Yahoo was reporting this the other day of “Ufology World Congress” in Barcelona, Spain.