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Trump Roundly Ridiculed by Activists, Artists, and Others After Lying About Swing State Landslide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/04/trump-roundly-ridiculed-activists-artists-and-others-after-lying-about-swing-state


Funny stuff, from John Legend and his Twitter repliers!
Pleasure to read this.


This is serious business. From time immemorial ridicule has been one of the most potent weapons against the pomposity of over-inflated egos.


I hereby declare Donald J. Trump to be a LOSER.


Just after midnight and we move into Thursday.
Philly counting votes all night long.
Cable TV opinion networks tease us with promises
of breaking vote count news - stay tuned - after we
take a break.
Give me a break. Ya got nuttin.
So I laugh at their attempt to send us into another
sleepless night.
I laugh at their panels of amateur experts selling us
pablum of peace and harmony as they cross swords
amongst themselves. Try to show us in the audience
that they are the real wise guru of politics - and the
young 8th grader through college student has more
astute analysis. Damn, that alone should make us
proud of our upcoming citizens. They ain’t gonna
be stroked and stoked. Look out lazy DC, betters
are coming soon.


I hereby claim Plato’s cave and the static, eternal objective reality into which it’s excavated. I’ve got its head stuffed and mounted on the wall in here.


everyone knew this–Trump broadcasted it at every event–we all know he has only a passing familiarity with the truth(speaks it accidentally occasionally)what we should be protesting is the pathetic race the Democrats ran --the one that promised only continued pain for the American people
(nothing fundamental will change-a promise of the coming pain he and Obama wrought that led to the election of Trump in the first place)–that refused to run on any of the issues important to the people–including denying M4A in the midst of the pandemic–frankly it is surprising that Biden is even still on the race after the stupidity of his campaign


YEOW!! A finer summary of our situation we have not seen. You deserve a break today. :slight_smile:

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We heard at least a month ago that Biden had no ground game–anywhere. Here in North Carolina the “Democratic” governor and a couple of other state officials retained their seats, but the Republicans swept the legislature by running an old-fashioned people to people campaign enhanced by modern technology. The absentee ballots (which will not be counted for a week by state law) may turn the tide in the presidential race, but not because of any help from the DNC.