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Trump Runs PR for the Saudis But Congress Can Shut Him Down

Trump Runs PR for the Saudis But Congress Can Shut Him Down

Kate Kizer

Last week’s absurd statement from the White House was supposed to resolve any lingering questions about Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi’s murder by the Saudi government. Instead, the statement only made clear that Donald Trump will do nothing to hold Saudi Arabia or Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) accountable—for his role in the Khashoggi murder or his destructive war in Yemen. Fortunately, this week the Senate can impose a reality check on the U.S.

“No doubt the Obama administration’s failure to truly support the people rather than governments during the Arab Spring…”

Tell that to Gaddafi, under whom the Libyan people had the best standard of living on the African continent.


But if we don’t support despots, independent-minded leaders who put the interests of their citizens ahead of American corporations might gain power.

What’s next? A huge US military with less wars to fight? That’s crazy, man.


From the article:

“…Trump is blatantly breaking with past presidential norms by ignoring a high-profile human rights violation…”

Past presidential norms have, for 70+ years and counting, ignored—no, make that aided and abetted—the human rights violations of Israel.

Frankly, if I started a list of Human Rights violations past Presidents have ignored , included with Israel would be some 100 other countries and included therein would be the United States of America itself.

The Government of the United States of America has never been concerned about the violation of Human Rights. They only use that meme to discredit Countries that are not puppets of the USA or to Trojan Horse in Military inteventions and regime change in Countries their Corporations want full access to.


Congress will shut down The Don?
Oh yes, they’ll get right on to that.

We are faced with ersatz governance by overblown widget salesmen/women - all kowtowing to the sinking ship of state due to the likes of Milton Friedman and the chicago boys going at the hull for all its worth.

Use your imagination -

Imagine an entire strata of humanity (using the word loosely) salivating over the hunt for holes - literally - as the economics for the thieving class. This is neither joke nor hyperbole. Its basis being fundamental principle of hierarchy (owner/slave cum labor) married to “externalization of costs”.

The ‘pompous one’- Mike Pompeo is the widget salesman supreme for Israel and US military complex. His junkyard dog, masquerading as the walking mustacheo. These two have literally made careers out of being the flappingest jaws on the planet for criminalization/demonization of all peoples who actively resist the slime they are paid to suffocate life with.

One of the reasons the twit in chief ‘performs’ the way he does is to flap like a matador’s cape so that as high a number of people as possible ignore the activities of the service staff in ‘the familia’.

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Even though Trump is blatantly breaking with past presidential norms by ignoring a high-profile human rights violation…

Shouldn’t the “though” have been “while”?

Nevermind, think I get it. He’s being hawkish in OK-ing MbS (putting him above the Khashoggi murder cravenness) which Iran-hawks act like is going too far, but at the same time he is quietly agreeing with their somewhat quiet and craven war plans. Wonder what the polity would have to say about this delux quagmire once it’s in gear.

HI SuspiraDeProfundis: and that is exactly explains WHY immigrants from Central and South America are trying to get to America where they have heard that it’s the ( Land of the Free) ------but sadly they are finding out that in America Trump and ICE are just as awful and deadly as M-13.

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Iran hawks expressed public disbelief at the statement, but their outrage rings hollow. Even though Trump is blatantly breaking with past presidential norms by ignoring a high-profile human rights violation, he is mollifying those same hawks by quietly gearing up for a conflict with Iran with the backing of the Gulf States and Israel.

Very, very crucial observation. Iran hawk Dems need to abandon this whacked out Iran war fever quite a bit faster. And hey Pubs…now’s the time to jump the Iran war ship as well as MbS’s insanity in Yemen. Beat the Dems to it, and that’s points, yall. Just imagine how in ten years the vids of Trump’ll compare to those of Nixon. They’ll make Tricky look like Jimmy Carter.

Don’t forget Central America.

It would be a wonder to watch Congress do any such thing. Were it to happen, it might be time to advertise that peace in Yemen had become the de facto position of the Democratic Party.

My best to those organizing the push, but attributing policies to groups that do not support them has a bad history.