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Trump Rush to Reopen America Is Causing a Covid Resurgence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/19/trump-rush-reopen-america-causing-covid-resurgence


“What’s Trumps and the GOP’s response to this looming catastrophe?”

What’s the dem’s response? Lose all of their bargaining power for the people in the first round by giving the 1% and repug’s everything they wanted. So yeah Robert, all of the blame for our situation belongs to the gop.


“Senate Republicans are trying to ram through a $740 billion defense bill ”

Why spend on defense ? It’s not like anyone wants to invade covid country ???


But . . .   But . . .   KB — This is the 21st Century, and the main duty of the Department of “Defense” has been War & Aggression since at least 1984.

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Really, Bob?   I hadn’t noticed.   IMHO, your commentary is about as insightful as Ralph Nader’s and Joe Biden’s . . .


Got that right. Shades of George Carlin

George Carlin had something to say about it. Don’t have the link - had something about dropping bombs on brown skinned people …

Apparently, no one bothered to tell Dr Reich that blue states like Michigan, Washington, and California re-opened after having low virus numbers only to see them spike like everywhere else. New York and New Jersey are next, take it to the bank.

Guess what, Dr Riech, lots of Americans can’t handle the responsibility of locking down, nor the economic hardship that comes with it. We’ll hit 250,000 deaths before this is through. In 2023. And by “through,” I mean endemic, just like the other corona viruses we still deal with.

Only 250,000 deaths by 2023?   We’re gonna hit 250,000 dead in the next three or four weeks, when the so-far very consistent rate of ten percent deaths among those hospitalized – which lags behind admissions by about 5 weeks – catches up to the spike in illnesses that has occurred since early June. The rate MIGHT fall below ten percent of the total reported, since there are more relatively younger people – beachniks & bar-bums – getting infected recently, but 300,000 dead of C-19 by mid-August won’t surprise me a bit.  So many people are already infected that the “second wave” is already occurring, and a second round of shutdowns won’t be nearly as effective as the earlier round could have been if done right.  IMHO, one-half to two-thirds of the U.S. population will eventually be affected, and even if the death rate is “only” one percent that means 1,650,000 to 2,200,000 dead by 2023. (Unless a very effective vaccine is developed and widely distributed — neither of which is particularly likely.)


Even a lot of the well meaning ones who want to can’t. Hard to want to quit your job and stay locked inside when the government won’t even give you crumbs for you to survive. And when the evictions come next month there will only be more infected forced into the street.


I’ll just state for the record, Fester, that I think your numbers are significant overshoots.
But we’ll see what happens on that score.

Meanwhile, I’m sure we agree that the US response to the pandemic has been totally inadequate.
And rumors of an effective vaccine are more hype than reality.

I mentioned Michigan in my comment above. Six weeks back, we got daily positive tests down to 150/day or less. Our rate of positive tests – and we were testing a lot – was down to well under the CDC guideline of 10%. So, under pressure from just about everyone and backed by rosy infection numbers after being an early C19 hotspot, Governor Whitmer moved us further into that phased re-opening. People went kinda crazy, packing the bars, foregoing the masks, and partying like it was 2099. And the snowbirds who spend the winter in AZ, TX, and FL returned here for our lovely summer, beaches, and their cabins in the woods.

Now we’re averaging closer to 800 positives a day, and climbing. I say all that because of the [“opening up safely]” part of your comment. In a country brimming with irresponsible, selfish, defiantly and willfully ignorant, and just plain ornery Trumpanzees, we have zero hope for a safe opening. Zero.

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Rump’s habit of spinning and multiplying everything by 10 is creating a mother of all pandemics right in his front yard. He should have listened to Dr Fauci’s advice and put on the mask.

It seems to me that your paragraph about Michigan contradicts your first sentence, and confirms that my estimate could be too low rather than too high. IIRC, there was a total of about 70,000 reported cases in early April, and about 7,000 reported deaths about five weeks later.  There were about 1.29 million cases reported by June 7, and 130,000 deaths by July 7, 4½ weeks later, when the case total had reached three million.  From what I can tell, those who die from C-19 are about ten percent of those admitted, and do so after an average of four to five weeks of very intensive care in the hospital.  If this rate holds true, there will be a total of 300,000 dead by mid-August.

How bad a case of COVID-19 does our Failure-in-Chief need to get? Maybe one of those where the virus goes away, but severe symptoms last at least three months longer? Should Moscow Mitch get it so close the same time that they can spend those months arguing which one gave it to the other?

Well even Dr. Fauci at the beginning said that masks won’t help. So they are both at fault.

I think you are both low-balling the deaths, but I’m definitely finding myself increasingly pessimistic due to the absolute stupidity I see every time I leave the property…or read another fun fact-filled article that takes it another step down the road of collapse. Holy crap, this is batsh*t crazy time stuff, isn’t it?

Plus, I don’t think Trump really wants this pandemic under control as he is probably not real sure that all the voter fraud and election rigging and computerized vote stealing the Rethuglicans continue to get away with in every freaking election since 2000, is going to go his way. I mean, the ONLY PEOPLE who have been busted for cheating elections are conservatives!

My thoughts on what he wants is simple:

  1. Pandemic goes red hot.
  2. Election nears.
  3. Declare a national emergency ‘for the duration’ and cancel the election. Declare himself president for life just like China. I mean, just who is going to stop him? The military is full of right wing conservatives (they AIN’T never been progressives). Christian fundies wearing jackboots wrapped in the flag carrying the bible? The cops who vote for him anyway? Those unidentifiable jackbooted fed thugs we keep seeing on the streets? Anybody think this is looking good or what?

It would even be better if there are a couple massive Category 6 hurricanes that could roar in by mid-October and smash flat a few cities and shove everybody into shelters which would act just like the prisons have with infection rates in close quarters…since shelters are pretty much jail cells with everyone packed in tight. It IS hurricane season and the NOAA hurricane center is predicting an ‘above’ average active storm season…then he could say it was the will of god while waving that upside down bible around again!

As I’ve mentioned before, our best chance at survival is if Trump, Pence, and Biden catch this virus. Then the lesser evil of Bernie, the only Dem with enough delegates, would have to step up. I could hold my nose and vote for him even thought I’m very well aware of his shortcomings…

Of course then one has to wonder about those ‘lone crazed gunman’ scenarios…that always seem to kill the not-so-conservatives. Funny how that is.

Big sigh. Anybody else still reading about how badly the chaotic climate is behaving as it collapses into a new state? Guaranteed to really bring one down… arcticnews shivers me timbers lately, that’s for sure.

This hits the spot:

There Is No Plan (For You)

Unemployment, evictions, business failure, a pandemic and health crises are all here at once. The federal government doesn’t care.


Millions of people are about to experience the falling dominoes of economic disaster that will engulf their lives, destroy their wealth, and leave them with nothing. continues at link