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Trump-Russia Probe 'All About Money Laundering,' Says Steve Bannon In Explosive New Book


Trump-Russia Probe 'All About Money Laundering,' Says Steve Bannon In Explosive New Book

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Mueller's investigation "goes through Deutsche Bank and all the Kushner sh*t," Bannon says. "They're going to go right through that."


If you throw enough shite in the air you can’t see through the brown.


Bring them all down!. Lock them all up! And take down Crumpus! We’ll take care of Pence next!


That’s entertainment!

But no worries. Liberals will help to save the conservative label.


Well, there goes the Trump-Bannon alliance. Trump is yelling stuff at Bannon in the next article.

It’s similar to the original global thermonuclear war option: if you don’t push the button sometimes, people will expect that you’re never going to push it. – Wait a minute, pushing it doesn’t work either.


Has Bannon testified under oath yet?


Funny… 9 months ago, even 3 months ago, anything Bannon said crap, lies and propaganda. Now he’s telling the gospel truth. I didn’t believe him then, I don’t believe him now. It’s all about making himself important.


There’s no sense in cracking just one egg.

Might as well crack open a dozen, or a hundred.

Mr. Mueller has come upon a veritable hen house.


The “law” may let Trump slither away, but life will not.


I’d take these remarks with a whole ocean of sea salt. There’s no there, there, according to Alice Donovan at Counterpunch. Did Glenn Ford find any " sheepdogs’ fleas " when he scratched where the dog licks? In the words of Mother Aretha, " who’s zoomin’ who ", here?
Just want to make sure we’re all reading from the same script and source material. This Trump Presidency could have some serious issues with its, ah, verisimilitude. So could some others, as well.
Please " don’t follow the Deutsche Bank money ", they are just like all subprime and payday lenders, providing services to meet the demand. And really, like Spain’s Santander and other Wall St. historic institutions, provide valuable advice to drug dealers, arms smugglers, ponzi schemers, swindlers, bamboozlers, hoodwinkers, grifters, hornswogglers and various murderous thugs and oligarchs. In other words, the usual gov’ts and their usual suspects. Oh, and real estate developers, too. Don’t want to leave anyone out and hurt some feelings.
Please don’t look for money laundering; just don’t go there. It’s like almost unpatriotic, dude. Let’s all just work on making America great, again. Ya know, like it was when we sat on our grandpappys’ knee and listened to his wonderful tall tales and yarns.Now that was some real, honest-to-goodness, bullshit.


For anyone who does not get the Alice Donovan reference:


Catchy title…”Fire & Fury”
Together with Trump’s faux harangue’s , and MSM’s publicity , all the rest of the real important news will be buried for another few weeks


No one gives a shit if its the gospel truth, or if you believe him. Do you believe Trump?


He’s 70 plus. Life has been good.


It won’t be buried. It will be scrubbed and redacted, marked classified and/or highly sensitive and told to us in 30-40 years. Well. most of it.
They’re called Finks in service to The Alphabets.


Isn’t is passing strange that the (probable) truth comes from such a creep? It’s been obvious to many the multiple bankruptcies of the Trump businesses would eventually be financed by a quid pro quo; that is, he gets bailed out if he launders for the Russian oligarchs…Putin’s cello playing relative had 2 billion deposited in Panama according to the leaked Panama Papers. Now, how did a friendly musician ever get ahold of 2 billion US dollars?


Bannon’s turn is yet to come, under oath.


Who cares what this bloated fool has to say about anything?


Mueller cares, but not what he says in his book, but rather under oath in front of a grand jury.


We have our own money laundering, Brexit Referendum rigging right wing in the UK too. I’m wating with baited breath for someone to connect them all.