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Trump’s 4-Step Plan for Reopening the Economy Will Be Lethal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/08/trumps-4-step-plan-reopening-economy-will-be-lethal

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The destructive incompetent stupidity and arrogance of the orange man ass wipe piece of shit fake president is intolerable. I hope all of these rotten bastards in DC get the damn virus. It’s the only justice we can hope for in the near term. Now that might make me want to go out and celebrate ! With a mask of course.


Yup. We are pretty much ignoring him in WA state. completely.

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Trump and the Republicans are holding a loaded gun to the heads of all working people, saying, “Return to work or we will ruin you.”

If there was ever a reason to remove so many evil people, this certainly would be one of those times.


MASAAAA Hat: Make America Sick Again and Again and Again. More deaths, who dies? The old, dropping the tax burden to pay Social Security and Medicare. The prisoners, including the kids in cages at the border. The homeless. Latinos and African Americans in our ghettos. All the people loved by the Oligarchy.

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Donald Trump, Pandemician-in-Chief.

He has to increase stock valuations for us petit-bourgeois voters (R & D). By now, they’re aware who’s dying, so expect FAR less media coverage as “essential” worker’s loved-ones die at home; as vulnerable Blacks, Latinos, Natives & poor whites sicken & the miracle of community spread enables slumlord superdelegates to flip “empty” homes or liquidate, evict and foreclose over surprise ER, ICU or final expenses, since they’re not really COVID-19 deaths, after all… they’d died mighty mysterious deaths o’ disparity (excess deaths: 40%-60%, hiding from ICE or hellish Private Equity Health Center slaughterhouses?) Gaza, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens…

Tag-team Kleptocracy making us an offer we can’t refuse!