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Trump’s America: More Freedom for Banks, Less for Working People


Trump’s America: More Freedom for Banks, Less for Working People

Amy Traub

This is shaping up to be a truly miserable week in Washington. Decisions made in the halls of Congress and the chambers of the Supreme Court are dramatically shifting power away from working Americans and toward bosses and banks. To anyone paying attention, it’s clearer than ever who benefits from Trump’s vision of American “greatness.”


Not mentioned are the Dodd-Frank gifts to banksters that enable banks to confiscate depositors’ money the next time the banksters crash the economy. You can safely bet your last nickle that the best Congress money can buy will never get rid of those regulations.


Ordinarily this article like many previous would disturb me. But no longer. The system cannot be saved and needs to die.The corruption is systemic and the mechanisms for change have been taken over by the Corporate elite. Without real campaign finance reform, everything else is simply pissing in the wind. Those in control will never allow campaign finance reform so we are caught in a downward spiral forever. The only thing that can break this terrible course is overwhelming widespread resistance and the only way to achieve that is for things to get so bad that the sheep can no longer deny their enslavement. The fastest way to let that happen is to let Trump do his thing. The Democrats and rest of their elites merely promise a much more organized and subtle slide into despotism. They offer no hope at all. So perhaps letting Trump and his crew do what they do is the fastest way toward at least anarchy. I can at least work with that…


For Trump corporate rights granted by the legislative body of the Supreme Court to corporations supersedes those granted to sentient Beings by the U.S. Constitution…


The American people are living under the illusion that the free market and freedom itself are the same thing


If corporations are people, Supreme Court-----then you just gave all the power to the corporate ones! Eventually, when a workers, chid or partner, or parent dies from lack of health care or lack of shelter or food due to lacking a livable wage — a scary inhumane door has been opened----it seems that slavery has reappeared-----------and sadly when the feudal groups began forming------------where is the DEMOS? I suppose it won’t be exactly like the French Revolution, because after all, Guillotines are too heavy to drag around---- but a new horror of car wrecks or fugu sandwiches, or revenge of the poor will probably become a real thing------ I guess the “royals” will want to automate asap…but it will probably be too late. Geez, Empire, you won’t even have made 250 years. Or— maybe I’m reading too many dystopian novels?


I think maybe now folks are beginning to understand why the clown king trump decided he didn’t have to bother getting the anti-Constitutional TPP trade bill passed. All he needed to do was put his fellow greedy crook billionaires in office to head all of the US Federal Agencies, and now he believes the world is all theirs, with him having a big share of all of they decide to take.


What is wrong with the GOP?! Why do they stand silent? To me, that means they are complicit with sexual harassment, bullying, dishonesty and on and on.


Trumps wrecking crew is in full swing and the results are promising to be dreadful. I just hope that after the carpetbaggers are through there is enough interest in rebuilding a once great nation to have it happen.


I think that you just answered your question. They set this deranged person in motion and are getting everything they hoped for. Like children who have done something that they are ashamed to admit to they stand aghast at the repercussions.


The irreversible consequence of 2016.